Thoughts I Had While Playing Pillars of Eternity

I recently bought and started playing Pillars of Eternity. While part of me thinks it’s a super great game, the rest of me is now even more hungry for a crpg set in the GD universe. Hell, I might even want that more than GD2 right now.

Maybe if we all believe hard enough we can will it into existence or something. Come on guys!

sadly crate is very limited in people. If only we can clone Zantai and Grava so that they can do two games with 2 studios at the same time churning games at faster pace. Even making an xpac is taking them some time but thats reality for them.

and Sadly as much as i want a poe style grim dawn or even a divinity original turn based crpg I still prefer that the next game would be an arpg. For me that is. CRPG may not be that feasible for a team like crate given the competition. dont get me wrong i like it to happen too but not sure how it will be done. I need more holy faith. Even paladins need faith sometime

I didn’t want to have to read the sad truth but deep I knew :o

But still, we should never stop believing :cool:

@nateboussad, pretty interesting info. thanks for that :smiley:

you are right man!

Love Pillars both 1 and 2. Oldschool meditative cRPG experience in a familiar setting. Could’ve changed a few things like buff disengagement mechanics (barbarians run around the battlefield like it’s a basketball court) and limit penetration oupiedness (in 2) and moderate casting limitations for chanters and ciphers as well as cut down on pretentious at times descriptivess.

It’s not Tides of Numenera with the mind blowing world setting, FFVII with characters you’ll never forget or GD with a million ways to build a character but nobody expected it, and it doesn’t really disappoint in any of those fields. Very good game, if not for lack of competition.

That would be cool. I would buy it for sure but the arpg genre missing a quality game like GD would be too sad. We need both :cool:

Hmm. Never played Tides of Numenera but the world and environments are pretty good. The characters are not nearly as memorable as FF7 because the story is a lot more realistic and full of characters that are trying to get by and/or survive.

I have to say there is a lot of possibility in PoE2 with builds with the multi-classing system. The dev team also make a point to release balance patches as well even if it is of questionable value for them to do so. Plus the game is easily modded for damage/stats tweaking :smiley:

If you like out of the world settings and narratives in classic RPGs Tides of Numenera is one of the best. Not much combat or char building there but as a “reading” game it’s 10/10. It’s a very loose “sequel” to the all-time classic Planescape: Torment.

I have to say there is a lot of possibility in PoE2 with builds with the multi-classing system.

IMO the dual class system in Pillars 2 is a gimmick. Totally unnecessary. Maybe for veterans and hardcore players to artificially raise the difficulty. Power levels and penetration is key and you have enough class/skill diversity with five characters. But then again I haven’t spent too much time in the game…

Kinda boring and pretentious were my thoughts. Still, a beautiful world that deserves better than PoE1(didn’t play 2) with a ruleset yet to be matched. I’m constantly amazed that there isn’t one useless stat for any of Classes.

Still, a rather by the books game with some nice ideas. Just don’t expect too much.

Now, Tyranny, that’s a game that fell rather far from its potential. Such a beautiful game, but unfortunately rather unfinished and even quite “woke” at times. That game’s amazing, imagine if it was really finished, it’d be the game for ages!