Thoughts on Falcon versus Fiend...

So I am taking a break from my Calidor’s toon, and playing with the Tri-Element Saboteur some more. He currently is quite tankish, yet with decent damage. Of course, the need to tinker reigns supreme.

In an effort to squeak out some more DPS, I am toying around with the idea of dropping Fiend ( which deviates from the original build in the post some ), and trying Falcon with it. Granted, Fiend has more synergy with the build, it being a fire based build to a degree. Currently, Flame Torrent hits for weak base damage ( about 1k ), and ticks for about 5K to 6.7k on average thereafter.

I am wondering if the points in Falcon might squeak out a bit more damage. The bleed will likely be weak due to no bonuses to bleeding, but the 6 projectiles hitting for 1k to 1.3ishK rapidly might amount to some extra DPS.