Threat Generation and Taunt

Hello there all,

I had an idea about threat generation from skills like war cry.

In theory it is a really good idea but in practice it just doesn’t work. My tanky character can’t distract enemies from my friends (with a maxed out war cry) who often play as glass cannon types because it can never seem to generate enough threat. I don’t do low damage either.

My suggestion is to change threat generation to a hard taunting debuff so enemies will only focus on you for x amount of seconds. This way it can give breathing space to glass cannon/high dps builds that might need it and allow the character of the taunt skill to actually fill the role they are meant to be. It would promote better strategic play and perhaps make people think twice about picking the skill.

Someone could be in a bit of a pickle getting swarmed by too many monsters, why not throw out a war cry and focus fire on you for a short while? This would then synergise with your defensive skills like overguard, again allowing for better strategic and tactical gameplay.

I guess it could last for a fixed period (5-10 seconds) or it could last longer as you level up the skill.

Anyway, it is just an idea I’d like to throw out there as I think it is an area which needs improvement.

GD aggro mechanics are just different than other games, even with close to 0 damage output you can have it over most of top damage dealer.