Three basic requests.

  1. Why can’t we drop quests, or at the very least, bounties? This seems like a really simple thing we ought to be able to do, and yet we can’t. Sometimes I take on a bounty and then later decide I don’t want to do it. Maybe I don’t have the mats to make the thing and it’s not worth hunting them down. Maybe the target is on the ass end of nowhere and I don’t want to run around for 30 minutes killing every (un)living thing in the world trying to get to/find it. Maybe I just changed my mind. I’d like the ability to change my mind instead of having it rot in my quest log until it irritates me enough to go get it over with.

  2. Can we get some way to display the entire item text all the time? I’m really getting sick of not being able to tell what my shit can do in its entirety. If (for example) I have an item with nice stats, a skill/proc of a sort, a component, and an augment, it will never display all of it. Usually I get to see two of those, maybe three, and then it cuts off. I shouldn’t have to maintain a Word doc of my gear just to know what my gear does.

  3. Related to #2, can we get tooltips on skills that accurately reflect what will happen when I use that skill on a target? I’m not big on the “just know” approach. If I take Wasting and Black Death, I’d like to be able to mouse over Bloody Pox and see “x bleed damage, y vitality damage, z poison damage, r% reduction to enemy hp, -n OA, 13% confuse chance” since not seeing that makes me wonder if it’s actually happening. Plus, seeing all of the things affecting my skills just makes the character feel more powerful from a purely qualitative angle.

I know these are just Quality of Life things but they would be an enormous QoL boost.

you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to see the rest of the tooltips.

Regarding 1: I agree with that.

Regarding 2: The first time I got such an item I was like “They can’t be serious, there has to be a way to display the rest of the text!” - and I tried using the scroll wheel, like Pancho suggested, and saw that it works.
There is no indication that using the scroll wheel might actually scroll the text though, so I would say that your request number two should probably just read “Add an indicator that this popup can be scrolled with the mouse wheel.”.
Like simply an arrow pointing down, positioned where the popup hits the lower bound of the screen.

Regarding 3: I wanted that since like the first hour into the game.

But. It’s not like those things wouldn’t have been suggested before. Sadly I highly doubt that we will see any of this implementedd in the foreseeable future.

Yeah it turns out that my scroll wheel is wonky and only likes to actually scroll down if there’s at least 3 “clicks” worth of space to move. I need a new mouse. But an arrow or one of those little “[ctrl-click to split stacks]” type messages would be handy. Maybe a menu option of “fill screen with full item info” or the like?

My #3 should be #1 because oh my god I am so damn sick of not actually seeing WTF my actual anything is. How am I supposed to know what is bugged and what isn’t, what I can actually do and what I need to be getting, if the damned tooltips don’t display anything properly? How am I supposed to assess if any thing X is better than thing Y if I can’t actually see the changes made by them? It’s absurd. I hate to be that guy, but this is basic Game Design 080 level stuff. Overall I love the game but this is one thing that I have to say is just straight up shameful. If my boss asked me for an itemized expense report and I told him “all I can show you is this cell phone photo of a receipt from last year, but don’t worry everything is as it should be” I’d be rightfully fired.

If celestial powers can be displayed with their attached skill, so can talents that mod those skills. If skills can both have & show different costs displayed based on rank, they can both have & show different costs because of items and other skills modifying them. I’m actually a little concerned that no one did this in a single digit build.