Three questions

First: How does Grim Dawn save, by going to the camps?

Second: Can you play Grim Dawn offline line (meaning no internet?).

Third: With the new stuff coming in the expansion, the abilities hidden randomly. Will I need to equip them in a slot, Or will they be like relic abilities, or will it be learned and automatically set off.

Because I don’t use an mmo mouse, and I don’t want to use one.

Do you own this game or not? At 118 posts on the forum over the past year… kinda weird if you don’t. You should more or less know the answers to your first two questions by this point. Actually, you should know the answer to all 3. They are all general knowledge for the most part if you’ve actually played the game. And since you are clearly referring to the new movement abilities, the related Misadventure already makes it very clear how you will access them.

Going thru your post history implies that you have indeed played. Consider me slightly stumped.

  1. As you should already know, it autosaves. Frequently. I imagine the triggers for this behavior are many or it just simply does it at frequent intervals.
  2. You should already know that GD is playable offline.
  3. You should also already know how skills are made available and usable to your character. Nothing is fundamentally changing with how GD handles this in FG. You must have already read the Misadventure that tells of these abilities since you are aware of them. Perhaps read it again?

I was asking to clarify. And it says active great, so I need to get an mmo mouse. Or use the augment ability, or use a mastery ability instead. Nothing wrong with that, I do that already.

I also have a.d.d

You’re welcome.

Indeed. Like all active skills in GD, acquired thru mastery or items, you need to slot them. As for “needing” an mmo mouse, mm, up to you. It isn’t like you are going to be able to have every one of these new movement abilities available at the same time. At worst you went Blademaster and specced both Blitz and SS and have one of the new movement ability runes. That’s 3 max in this lone scenario. Potentially more thru other items but I do believe they may be doing away with some or all of these in lieu of this new addition.