Thunderous Strike Befuddlement

What is this modifier for ?

Not beeing sarcastic, just started a druid, and it looks as if it wants to be something powerfull, but by what it says directly…its kinda underpowered ?

If it cannot trigger and has low dmg and no stun what should i use it for ?

What am i missing ?

It’s the same as Tremors (the transmuter for Forcewave). It’s meant to turn it from a powerful, cooldown-based ability to one that is meant to be spammed and used as your LMB ability for damage like Cadence or Fire Strike.

Though, Thunderous Strike is pretty underpowered and could do with a buff. Tremors Forcewave is good.

Thanx a lot ! These are the answers :wink:

No, you’re right, Primal Strike and its transmuter are underpowered. Despite having cool visual effect, Primal Strike later in game is much weaker to Savagery (though for normal and maybe elite, it really destroys everything).

knowledge IS power - and yeah it looks amazing - but havent used it yet…cause i thought…why ?

YES u are right, it is very powerfull at lower diff, i am still on veteran, but it smashes everything, but wont last long, but wonderfull to look at. BUFF IT ! BUFF IT !

Also if i assign tsunami or recklest tempest on primal strike - with thunderous strike (as my primary attack) will it trigger it ?

Or what does it not trigger ? Except feral hunger ofc !

Primal Strike with the transmuter can still trigger celestial powers, that doesn’t change.

What it cannot trigger that the flavour text mentions is WPS skills like Feral Hunger, Upheaval, Markovian’s Advantage and others because Primal Strike w/ Thunderous Strike is not a default attack replacer in the same vein as Cadence, Fire Strike or Savagery.

Thank you !

These words are first ones your read when launching old (PS2 or something) Mortal Kombat game (on loading).

Primal Strike is weak because its numbers are weak. In early game, chain lightning from torrent easily oneshots packs of enemies, and so does direct hit, but later, in Ultimate, its low %Weapon Damage" doesnt allow it to have good enough damage. It just doesnt scale well enough into endgame. And Primal Strike’s direct hit has too low AoE (2.5 metres only, lol) to be considered a good pack killierin Ultimate.
Thunderous strike has too high damage penalty (38% less damage), in addition to Weapon Damage penalty. It reduced skills’ damage too much, and it cant compete with other skills like Savagery.
In Ultimate, Savagery is simply BETTER than Primal Strike because it scales much better, period. Why would you want to use a weaker skill, if you have a significantly stronger skill within your class?

buff it buff it buff it !

Is there anyway to find a list with ALL the skills that thunderous strike doesn’t trigger ? Just dont want to waste points on them as long as i use it.

Any WPS. If it says something along the lines of ‘activate with default weapon attacks’, then it’s a WPS.

These should be all the ones from gear.

From masteries, there’s

  • Markovian’s Advantage (Soldier)
  • Zolhan’s Technique (Soldier)
  • Belgothian’s Shears (Nightblade)
  • Amarasta’s Quick Cut (Nightblade)
  • Whirling Death (Nightblade)
  • Execution (Nightblade)
  • Feral Hunger (Shaman)
  • Upheaval (Shaman)
  • Bursting Round (Inquisitor)
  • Chilling Round (Inquisitor)
  • Storm Spread (Inquisitor)
  • Reaping Strike (Necromancer)
  • Necrotic Edge (Necromancer)

Very thank you !