Tier 5 houses

Hello, I see very little activity recently here. If I recall correctly, back in 2022 or 2023 an image was shown with tier 5 houses, which basically turned the houses into taller buildings. Will it be still a thing at a some point?

Yes, the tier 5 housing will be coming to the game.

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Do you have any idea whether the existing decorations will get a desirability boost or new decorations will be added? Hope we will not have to place decorations even more densely.

I don’t like how the current system forces us to build manors as if they are slums, with little space in-between. Wealthy people want land.

I did manage to build a spacious city, but if the current desirability bonuses stay the same, there is no way I can take it up to level 5.


This is a video game, not a reality simulator

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I think that excuse is used a bit too much in this forum.

I know some requests can be rude and entitled, but was I being rude? There are nicer ways of saying that the devs don’t want to implement a certain feature instead of directly attacking the customer by saying “this is a game not real life bruh touch grass”.

I live in India. If I wanted to see slums, I would just go outside. Spamming small gardens gets boring at some point. I want to create beautiful looking cities.

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I agree not the best way of saying things out loud. I think it’s not about devs want to do something or not. At the moment without “spamming gardens” you can easily reach 100%+ desirability, even without pubs.

Upgraded healer, upgraded market, 3 different statues, upgraded shrine, bakery, upgraded theathre, upgraded temple, upgraded large park, upgraded well, school, upgraded festival pole - all of these have massive area of effect (like 40 tiles radius?) and should get you where you want to be.

Edit: Oh and there is also a library!

Oh I am sure it is possible.

It requires a certain type of design, namely cramping every building into a small location. Like my old town:

However, no manor owner would realistically want to live in such cramped space. It would become abandoned like the real life Shenyang City.

When I moved my city to a better location, I decided to make it a planned city and give each manor some land. This time, I had to rely heavily on decorations to take the buildings up to 85%.

Notice how even those two buildings within two blocks of an upgraded temple, an upgraded hospital, an upgraded theatre, an upgraded market, and a library are still stuck at 85% and 87% respectively. Here is a close zoom:

The reason? The distance between the temple and the theater is 25 units. In my old town, the entire wealthy area was only 66 units in length. It would comfortably fit inside just three blocks of new Valbury.

To those crying “this is a game”, I am trying to build fantasy here, not reality. No real medieval city was fully manors. I am trying to build what the founding villagers of the story wished for, where everyone is wealthy, not the dystopic mass of wood and stone that the villagers escaped.

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Desirability radius will be increased on various structures in the next patch, by quite a bit in the case of large, expensive buildings like theaters and temples to increase flexibility in city planning


I understand you are playing pacifist mode? If so, don’t be shy to replace a house or two with healers or schools, library could help too. You know the rules of the game and decide to go your own way “against all odds”, the least you could expect is that it won’t be efficient. Sure, things could be tweaked to be even easier than they already are but then people like me would start crying as the game becomes easier and easier each update - you can’t satisfy everyone, so have to stick to what works for majority/designers.

Since a dev has responded that they are already considering what I suggested, I will respect that and not present any further argument. Surely, it is not against the theme of the game, as the developers know their game the best. You are, of course, free to suggest your own ideas.

I am not playing in pacifist, but I am not a hardcore player either. Difficulty can be changed, right? If you believe that desirability attributes in hardcore should stay the same, I have nothing against it.

It is a very tricky Balance to satisfy both the Builders that want to create their vision of a beautiful or satisfying city and those that want to create an Efficient City that uses all the rules and mechanics to get the most out of every map and situation. I am completely in awe of design teams and games that find that balance point that enable both styles of play.

Especially since I go back and forth between trying to build an efficient city and building one that looks ‘good’ to me!

I don’t think these two demands have to collide. There could be workarounds.

Even though I asked for a desirability boost to the existing decorations, that was not my actual wish. I did not state my actual wish because I do not think it will be implementable. I wished for a system where buildings will be upgradable to level 5 only if there is enough land surrounding it. To the wealthy, land itself is the most desirable asset.

Now of course, that will lock existing maps down to tier four, and will make most players unhappy.

If it was possible to implement, it would not have reduced the survival difficulty, it would have only added to it. If your village is barely surviving, how can you even have mansions? That is not survival. The current method of cramming manors together is more of an easy way out.