Tier Racer

I think this is the fastest I’ve managed to get to T2 but I am very easily distracted and not very good at staying on task, so what do you think is the fastest time possible to get the first upgrade?

I got mine at the very first day of Year 2.

You could upgrade way faster (i had the houses, the market and the ressouces after 9 months into year 1 but then comes the randomness…

I needed only one more birth…and that took me a year to get, otherwiese year 1 would have been it.

OOh i just noticed, it was start of year 2.

EDit of the edit: Ok, looks like i found a bug. Year 2 was a bit too early and the notfication on the left side shoukld be right, year 3 it is. No idea why the top shows year 2.

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It’s a bit slow to change over.