Time and seasons are broken V.7.5f

I had an issue yesterday regarding rapidly deteriorating buildings. I am putting my last response to that post on these forums as it is a whole big issue that doesn’t actually have anything to do with buildings at all.

Today I know why my buildings are collapsing:

The years don’t follow the seasons? I assumed that a year was the bar up the top, following the seasons. However it does not appear to be the case in the last few games I have played.

Even using the suggested beta patch version of the game ;I was still having buildings deteriorate rapidly. Within a couple of in game months, according to the seasons bar at the top of the UI. However when I hovered over the seasons bar, the text that appeared told me I was in year 4, then 6 a couple seconds later and so on.

Even though I was still only technically in month two, of year one, according to the seasons bar.

I played roughly nine months (again according to the season bar) and when hovering over the bar I was already at year 66. As you can imagine, with only a few actual months of work being done all my villagers were very unhappy, hungry, cold etc, as not enough actual time had passed for them to build or do anything and they spent a lot of time abandoning buildings and repairing buildings and rebuilding buildings.

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The year tics over in the spring rather than at the start of the bar because that’s when the game begins. However, that does not impact gameplay.

If you saw the year tic up twice in one season bar, that is certainly odd and would be a new issue we’ve never seen before, but it is not like the game is running faster because a number for total years has incremented.

Unless you are seeing summer turn to winter and back to summer and then turn to winter once more within one full season bar, this is not the cause of your issues with repairs.

Maintenance currently occurs when buildings hit 60% upkeep, so it is going to come up on regularly. Make sure you have enough builders allocated and enough materials for repairs.

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