Time Dilation icon?

I got the Devotion “TIme Dilation” from Aeon´s Hour Glass, but I cannot see any icon, I’m a Caballist and binded it to “Reap Spirit” the tooltip says “100% chance on attack” how do I know if it is activated?

There is no buff icon for Time Dilation because there is no duration, it activates immediately. You can tell if it’s working by observing the another skill on your action bar on it’s cooldown skip ahead a bit.

Here is a chart to show what the different kinds of cooldown reduction effect. Time Dilation falls under “-X Seconds to All Currently Active Skill Cooldowns” or the one on the right.

It’s like Evil_Baka said. That being said, an “on cooldown” icon for time dilation would be really nice.

would be a good QoL change, indeed

You can see blue Hourglass icon above player’s head each time it executes. No need to change anything

Trust me, with checking my pets, moving from damage, casting, and all the other buffs flying around I have never seen the icon, but yeah I guess it is there.

I’d suppose changing its color. Blue icon is almost invisible in effects-rich combat, while orange CDR icons from Eternity or Belgo relics are much more visible