Tips/Advice for my Inquisitor

I’m still new to the game, my Arcanist is 30-something and in Act III, but now I’m trying out an Inquisitor and looking for multiclass options.

She’s 22, dual-wielding and has the full Marauder’s Set, but needs help when getting swarmed - mostly because I find it annoying, not dying - and/or with a recovery skill like Pneumatic Burst.

So Arcanist has Flash Freeze or Tempest, or I could go Ring of Steel (and Pneumatic Burst). Or for recovery I could do something like Soldier and Menhir.

Or I could opt for pets and add meat/bone shields to draw aggro.

What combos have people found to be fun? I’m not necessarily looking to power through the game - I like quirky/different and fun.

Lastly I went with Falcon devo first and it seems to suck. Falcon Swoop just loves to proc AFTER I kill everybody, or at least the last one in that direction. Should I just get rid of it and try something else?

Thanks for any help.