Tips for my sorc. vs. Anasteria nemesis

So i defeated her once but holy smokes that upgrade…

EVERY attack she has seems to stun, so i ended up running loops and use OFF, Devastation, and Apocalypse… it took forever to kill her. Using Haunt relic so i kept that debuff on her which can proc two other dots that also debuff.

I need to farm her but if i try to do it like that i’ll end up in cardiac arrest. i assume stack stun resist? (only had 25%) i had 84% aether resist with a potion on that i assume still helped when she debuffed me. But this is a sorc, he’s got 6100 hp.

Is using aether damage against her dopey of me? should i go all in fire or switch spec to lightning? i don’t mind making a farming build for a while, he’s done almost everything else. I also have a brutal Callidor’s Tempest but it can’t even do 1 pixel per cast (crits for 25k on other targets) and staying that close for longer than ONE MISSISSIPPI is suicide.

stat wise this guy has 1530% fire dmg, 1200% aether, 750% lightning and like 630% cold. Offensive ability over 2400

Any tips much appreciated!

Don’t kill her in the quest line and use her augments

lol yeah :furious:

all my other 85s have her at revered. but my sorc wants that purple hood. this is the only way i’ll ever get it. something like a 0.03% drop rate in crucible not banking on that.


Farm Crucible and pray that you get the hood

Get her to Revered in Elite, and then in Ultimate, betray her. That way you characters can get the augments, and farm her.

i got her to revered on normal then betrayed her on elite, but i think once your nemesis you’re nemesis. i can’t buy augments anywhere bc my faction is persistent.

and i can already farm her, just need a better build for killing her.