[TIPS] no more pickupdelay - how to

just little tips for all modmaker.
this is very minor change for dbr files but good effective for playability.

-how change the item pickup speed
then, just open your asset editor and find the anm_femalepc.dbr and anm_malepc.dbr
file will placed from database\records\creatures\pc\ if you already unpack the database.arz
and now open the that 2files by DBR editor to find the [PickupAnim].
this is word can be find in [Animation sets] tabs at lower.
lets change the [PickupAnimSpeed] to 1500.
and now, player character’s item pickup speed when unarmed is 1000times faster.
keep do change the another cell,[single handed][dual wielded][Ranged1H][Ranged2H] and [melee2H]

sorry my bad English but Ill hope this thread help for my friend.

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That’s cool! Thanks!