Titan Pauldrons are still bugged, %physique bonus isn't applied at the start of the session

This bug is still in place.

It’s literally a matter of moving %physique to the item’s base stats, the item will not suddenly become usable for 1H builds, let alone OP.

Come on, guys.

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It’s not a bug.

You do not meet the Physique requirements to wear the shoulders without the passive they provide.

It’s physical shoulders. A lot of builds will invest in cunning as much as possible and leave physique value at the verge of requirements check.

So it’s intended by the design to have in your inventory couple of stat-loaded items to do this at the start of each session before you can play the game:

Got it.

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Technically it’s not a bug, however I think the physique part of the granted skill should be moved to the item itself, so we can avoid these issues. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is also the only item that provides a primary stat bonus on the granted skill.

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