Titan Quest AE, Bman relics in uniques mod

Hello everyone!

I turn to GD community as I seek support for Titan Quest AE modding since the steam forums are dead and there is no website to my knowledge. I’ve heard some old TQ modders are here.

I’m interested in Bman relics in uniques mod

I tried to use all sorts of defilers, it didn’t worked for me for AE.

I tried modding myself, following the tutorial, the art manager launch fine, I import records fine, and then after double clicking my item in the art manager to edit its properties, the database editor say I have no template or record for said item to edit even when following the tutorial word for word, I haven’t found where the problem comes from yet.

M4ssboss3s mod was uploaded to steam workshop, amoung it’s mods, it turns yellow items into common ones for filter purpose, I think turning epic and legs into rares could do the relics in uniques trick but as I said I haven’t figure out how to solve my database editor issue yet.

Anyone could help me?

I think it would be a very nice small addition to TQ:AE workshop.

Thanks for reading!

meta1919, the titanquest.net website is still going, though many of its members hang out here too. You may get a deceptive warning message from your browser as the site was hit with a phishing attack last year, but it’s clean now. Try to ignore the message and get to the website and you may find some help there too. :slight_smile:

It’s a Game.dll hex edit. The best I can offer is to search for the following line and make the corresponding changes:

83 F8 04 74 14 83 F8 03 74 0F (OEM line)

83 F8 04 90 90 83 F8 03 90 90 (New line)

I hope this helps.

Yeah it worked! thanks a lot!

Glad to hear it and you’re welcome!

I apologize to bother you with this but I followed your instructions to the letter on how to use a hex editor and replace the the original line with the one you provided but I can’t get it to work. I used notepad ++ with hex editor plugin so my questions are that do I need a different program? is it more than one line to change? do I need to start a new character maybe because the save bring back the old value line? Thank you very much for your time and I’m sorry I bother you with this.

P.S this part of the line (83 F8 04 74 14) repeated a lot but not as the whole line you provided there is only one whole (83 F8 04 74 14 83 F8 03 74 0F) and I replaced it with (83 F8 04 90 90 83 F8 03 90 90).

Sorry to hear you’re having an issue getting this accomplished.

I used a hex editor called HxD and it got the job done for me. In that editor, I went to Search -> Find, filled in the “Search for:” box with the hex code and selected “Datatype:” Hex-values. It took me straight to the line where I subsequently made the changes. That was it.

It was only one line to edit.

No, you don’t need to start a new character. Saving your character won’t edit the .dll file.

Hope this helps and I wish you luck!

Thank you very much for your time it worked perfectly this time. Apparently I had it working all from the start but silly me I was wondering why I can’t

socket an armor Charm into a weapon and so on it’s because that is a different code I believe the one that (Charms and Relics in all types) one which

happened that i’m looking for it as well. Again I’m grateful to you for your help god bless you.

No problem at all. I’m glad it’s working for you.

Sorry for bothering you with this again, but do you have any idea how to get this to work for the new DLC Ragnarök? Doesn’t seem to work with the new items.

thank you for the method of relic in unique. what’s more, is there any similiar method of realizing relicive(relic can be set on any equipment you want) in TQAE? which line should I modify in Game.dll?