Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Soulvizier Support

Where is amgoz1!!!? We need “Soulvizier” compatibility for this game.

we really do … now that it is easier to mod.

Also, a shoutout to the devs behind Lilith and TQ Immortal

Where can we reach them?

just saw this on steam, really did’t think i’d see TQ make a comeback! gonna try it out to see if its at least as fun even if Soulvisier is’t (yet) made for it.

You can try over on the TitanQuest.net forum, but I don’t think they’ve been there for a while. Still, you could PM them and see.

I talked to the dev of Paths mod, shadowlance and he told me the tools have changed a few things and pretty much breaks everything in your current mods and fixing it is quite the job.

Well, if you like mods and also playing with pets you could try Bumbleguppy’s Legion of Champions mod. He’s still adding/altering things in the mod and so has switched over to support the AE version of TQ. As it’s still a work in progress I guess it’s a bit easier for him to do it. Plus it’s a soft mod, unlike Soulvizier and Paths.

Xmax mod has also been adapted for the AE version.

Paths is also a soft mod, or it was. I still haven’t switched to the new TQ edition because the various mastery mods are the soul of the game for me.

I tried to get back into the game, but you know what? Its not really grabbing me anymore, and I put a lot of time into the original. I just think the enhancements of GD is way better, and a lot faster. I think I probably end up uninstalling it and play more GD instead!!!

Same here. Played it for 4 hours and just gave up. Grim Dawn to me is overall a far better experience and pratically made Titan Quest obsolete.

Its just that when finding new weapons, I’m used to the DPS indicator, also the riftgate I sometimes have trouble highlighting, plus its really slow paces, I just can’t believe how slow it takes to get going.

I really did give it a try, but it just didn’t grab me at all. So many enhancements are in GD, which makes playing TQ a bit annoying. Plus the interface of GD is way better. Sorry TQ AE, I just can’t play you anymore.

The same thing happens to me. The move speed is so slow, the attack is so slow, you dont autopick gold, I played 2 hours and unnistalled

Yepp. TQ - was amazing. Back then. A lot of love I have for GD now is because of TQ, but now that I have GD there is zero reason to go back to TQ (and I really installed and played it to see how the Anniversary Edition is).

I think the biggest thing when I tried to play again, was not knowing if a replacement weapon was better then what I already had, at east not from the weapon tooltip, to me, that enhancement alone is awesome. And even though its the same engine, you can clearly see that the engine in GD is way better, plus lets not forget the extra detail panels that took a long time to add, but helps.

I’ts a real testament on what a small team has done to this game, plus lets not forget the programmers, Rhis, I salute you! (and the others)

If TQ had more QoL improvements, and was brought up to the same standard as GD, like the above, maybe I could play it again? But it’s like been used to all the mod cons in a house then having to leave without electricity for a month, would be very hard going.

So yeah, really hard to play TQ after all this time, and without a lot of QoL features, plus the slower pacing, run speed, etc. I just can’t really play it, I think its good that the game is getting support once more, but my time playing TQ is well and truly over. There is a new king in town, move over TQ, you had your day!

Ah well, it’s all your own faults for leaving the game in the first place. I have and will still be playing TQ and GD quite happily until I die. My 2 favourite games. :smiley:

I was actually playing TQ a month before GD. Then i bought GD and completely forgot about TQ. i heard TQ was getting an anniversary edition and i decided to buy it. Then i noticed how GD pretty much improves on everything TQ established and honestly made it unplayable.

Probably the main reason why i can’t play TQ anymore is because there’s absolutely no reward in killing heroes. In GD they drop a loot orb that can drop decent stuff. In TQ they drop nothing. It’s a pretty stupid reason not to play TQ but then again, it’s one of many reasons.

You know, almost forgot, the music in GD is just awesome, the music in TQ just doesn’t grab me either. Even though its right for the setting, just that the atmosphere, the music is far superior in GD!

I know, I’m taking this a bit off topic, but still, its just so hard going backwards, when GD has so many enhancements that makes it so much more pleasurable to play. I still think its good that TQ is getting the attention it deserves and getting a fresh lick of paint, but still, needs more doing to it to bring it up to scratch!

the music in GD is just awesome
Altough I had already finished the game once about a year ago, today was the day I realized exactly that. The music is amazing!

i play Titan quest with GD music, its fantastic :slight_smile: