[Titan Quest] Guides and other info from TQ.net


As a player of Titan Quest since 2007, I’ve read a lot of posts and learnt important things about game mechanics, masteries, skills, a lot of valueable info regarding items,farming,etc… Sad what happened to the forum.

I’m starting this thread here because I didn’t found a better place to contribute with some posts and guides I managed to recover using web.archive.org.

All the credits for the guides, posts and related info goes to their respective authors. I didn’t write any of these…

Attachment: All Side Quests Complete Guide by Kalimon.txt
Attachment: Attack damage converted to health by Whisk33.txt
Attachment: Dmg type and resistances by Whisk33.txt
Attachment: Harbinger The Warrior Ultimate by Madrush.txt
Attachment: Immortal Bow Haruspex Guide by Plutonium.txt
Attachment: OA and DA by apocalypse80.txt
Attachment: RelicCharm Farming 2_0 by Darth Executor.txt
Attachment: Resistances by apocalypse80.txt
Attachment: Shield Block Formula by Xaece.txt
Attachment: The Weapon Master Binary Slayer Guide by Warmonger Smurf.txt
Attachment: XP Chart by Arminia.txt
Attachment: XP Chart by beissemj.txt
Attachment: Titan Quest Uniques_ENG.zip
Attachment: [Guide] Pwning with Spirit.zip
Attachment: All about pet damage.zip
Attachment: Arcane Formula Farming Data.zip
Attachment: Monster types that cause problems FAQ.zip
Attachment: Most Wanted Monster Infrequents and chances to get them.zip
Attachment: Poinas’ Guide for All Skills.zip
Attachment: Titan Quest Attribute Points Guide.txt
Attachment: Titan Quest - Unique Items Drop.png
Attachment: TQIT-Templates.zip
Attachment: TQCollector-0.4.7b.msi.zip
Attachment: ARZExplorer_v1.0.1.0.zip
Attachment: TQ Vaults.zip
Attachment: Bosses and Damage Types.zip
Attachment: [Guide] How to Create a Custom Mastery.zip
Attachment: monsters-xmax-x4-x3-x2.zip
Attachment: Mainstream TitanCalc class compendium.zip
Attachment: Tips and advice for newbies.zip

More files…

TQ Offline Equipment Database v2.0.chm





More files…

Here are the vaults from the TQ community vault project.

I can already tell I’m going to love this thread. Thanks for taking the time to upload these. They are greatly appreciated to those of us who only ever bookmarked pages and never actually downloaded much.

Thanks :wink:

Holy holy crap, thank you so much! The Arcane Formula Farming Data is probably my most visited thread in existence, I couldn’t find it myself so I really appreciate you putting it here!


If I find other posts, I will upload them here.

Great idea benitot! :smiley:

Glad to see you joining us in here :stuck_out_tongue:

benitot ? wrong thread ? :slight_smile:

Thank you sososo much! I’ve never played TQ despite owning it for a few years and have been wanting to give it a whirl recently :slight_smile:

epinter, i have included the guides you have recovered in my blog for an easier way to reach them. You can find the list here:


Great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks to you too ^^

epinter, can you upload TQ Offline Equipment Database v2.0.chm, TQItemBase_Extended_v1_0.chm and BigBarsUI_Fan_Patch_1.17a_Compatible_1.zip to another place? Because i can not download from that site. It says my quota is full while i haven’t downloaded anything from them. Then i will upload these files to my site.

epinter told me to post this info in this thread:

Hello friends. I’m really missing forum and instructions and hope everything will be fixed soon. Great work grinninglich. I have something for you related with Lilith:

And Lilith Masteries:


Please update on your site

Added “Tips and advice for newbies” and “Mainstream TitanCalc class compendium”.

Thanks efko!

I’ve already contacted stekel last week. First i’ve included the main Lilith forum post and re-packaged Lilith mod to include everything needed. Now it can be downloaded from my site as Classical, Masteries and D2 Lilith. And it includes difficulty changer, allskins mod creature files, german translation fix, masteries fx files.

Today i will finish integrating stekel’s site. And start to work on other links you’ve posted.

Are there any mods or utilities that are missing and unavailable now? I have just about every mod saved on my computer and could upload them easily.

We could start a Titan Quest site on the NexusMods network to archive all the downloads.

Depends on what you want to be in this thread. None of the major mods apart from Lilith are here - D2I, M4ssboss3s, Xmax in all its versions, Achilles, Typhoon, Soulvizier, Bumbleguppy’s Legion of Champions which he’s still working on.

@Medea: All of those are to be found in the download section of titanquest.4fansites.de/download.php