Titan Quest II Official Trailer


I’m losing my mind over this.
Came to see if there was still a forum section for ‘unrelated’ haha.
So excited!

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Thank you for posting. I personally prefer Iron Lore Entertainment 's take on TQ. I have mixed feelings with THQ running things. Wait and see I guess.

Anyone else see this?

This is a call to arms. We all must start rallying the forces of Crate. This cannot go unanswered. There’s only one thing left to do… :wink:

Dammit, I should’ve checked first. :stuck_out_tongue: TQ News. Time to Awaken the Zantai Kraken!

Yes, you should. :wink:

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gives me more hype for more impressive new stuff from both gd and tq series…

i really hoped we’ll get face/hair/body/voice customization options… and maybe hireable followers who have their own quirky personalities (or just generic followers are fine too). if that can’t happen, then i hope we’ll get mod support to implement these kind of options.

The Amazon page is already up for the game. Release on December 31 2024 for consoles.


A lot of things can change in 1 year. Personally, I would take this date with a grain of salt.

That’s just a placeholder date, nothing more.