TItan Quest Legacy :Lilith mods with d2ui , expanded caravan (shared and transfer)

Busy playing with my new merged mod with expanded inventory space.
Recolored the player inventory screen and stashes, it’s actually turns out so good.

  1. Asyluth 1.1 - expanded inventory space + transfer stash
    Managed to merged d2ui to the following mods:
  2. Lilith Masteries
  3. D2 Lilith
    sample screen:

ps : I am stargater ,the person that did the GD clear fonts.

Asyluth still around, cool.

@asylum yea, thanks to you… haha. I have since increased the stash space and transfer stash. I was having trouble merging the Y coordinate for the inventory stash to make the last 2 rows working but finally figured out. Just learning the toolset art manager , mod merge , tex files conversation from tga, editing the UI in PhotoPea, but i am very happy with the results.
I won the 1st prize for a photoshop contest 10 years ago when i was with Shell Singapore to do some health works picture contest. My work was converted into a full mural at a building facade at the company’s eating area.

@asylum do you happen to know off hand where is the player ambient light settings in the ARZ file ? I would like to increase it a little bit.

Don’t know, check the player file (male/female_pc or something)