Titan Quest Mechanics questions - any experts?

I’m making this thread since I’ve started playing TQ and maybe there’s someone who knows the mechanics very well and would spare me all the testing and searching (I do it always anyway but it’s hard to find good answers especially since the old forum is gone and the new one seems kinda dead) and would be kind to answer my questions when they arise.

For starters - +% racial damage - multiplicative like Total Damage or i.e. Additive to your %Damage?

I don’t have gear to test it properly yet. Tried it on a staff but it doesn’t buff damage from spells.

Seems it’d too strong if multiplicative (50% to Undead, come on) but on the other hand smaller buffs would disappear with all the %Damage bonuses if it was additive.

You’d probably do better to join the official TQ discord as there are several people there who know the sort of thing you’re looking for.

Thanks, I didn’t know it exists.

You can find us here:

That should work.

Username checks out

There was… until he got banned :no_entry_sign: from the forums : )

I meant ‘restarted’. I played TQ a lot many years ago.

Now my meme is ruined, oh well. About that guy, he seems to be in TQ’s discord sometimes.

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You mean adios ? :laughing:

Probably. He’s on the official TQ discord as are markotuna and turtle.exe who are also quite knowledgeable about the game. But Adios probably knows more about the game mechanics.