[Titan Quest] Soulvizier 0.98i

Based on info on moddb and web cache of titanquest.net, the creator amgoz1 has seem to cease development of Soulvizier around Nov 2015 when titanquest.net was taken down. The latest 0.98i version is in an unfinished state.

This makes me wonder whether the termination of the site had a direct impact and demotivated amgoz1 to complete 0.98 or eventually the 1.0 release of Soulvizier after years of development.

With the current trend of “casualized” ARPGs, Soulvizier is the only ARPG that gives challenge a priority throughout the whole character progression. No other ARPGs even GD has come close in this regard.

I was so eagerly waiting for the release of 0.98 which seemingly not going to happen. I recently reinstall and launch the game again to relive the greatest ARPG mod in its glory. My god! The gameplay of my “dual wield caster rogue” is still amazing when I constantly need 5-6 hotkeys to buff/debuff and dash in and out of enemies.

If anyone here is a friend of amgoz1, please let him know that there are people still playing and waiting for Soulvizier in 2016 and it would be great it he could post a message on its current status.

Thank you to amgoz1 and Munderbunny (Underlord) for all the effort over the years to make such great mod possible.

I really wish Soulvizier 1.0 will become reality some day…

Don’t know where you got your info gremlin, but TQ.net wasn’t taken down in November 2015. It was up and running until a few weeks ago when it was unexpectedly closed. Some of us are working on getting a new forum going, but Father Squid is trying to get hold of the database from TQ.net’s owners so we’re a bit stalled at the moment. But there are several threads in this section gathering TQ info/guides/mods/etc and you can find Soulvizier 98i here.


Thanks medea for your info. I’m indeed playing 0.98i now.

I didn’t follow the scene much since last time I played Soulvizier was 0.90 in 2013…

It is kinda sad to see such a legacy active gaming site go. Hope the database of TQ.net can be recovered.

I was wrong then because I saw the last saved version of the main TQ.net mod forum on web cache was dated Dec 2015, so I assume that’s when it’s closed. Not gonna edit my OP but my point stands: Soulvizier 1.0 PLZ! Love that mod so much because it fills the void of an challenging single player ARPG experience.

Development status is on hold.

The mod will be updated when I have the time to finish it properly.

/tips hat to Amgoz1

When I was still playing TQ, Soulvizier was by far my favorite. Cheers to you.

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nice to see you here amgoz

i’m ultraguy from the tq forums, i was pretty obsessed with soulvizier for a couple years. really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the mod in the future.

Looking forward to Soulvizier GD edition! xD

i searched the whole google and couldn’t find any information as to why the spear and dual wield idle animations were changed from underlord. they were really cool. really looking forward to 1.0 release!!

By the way your mod is on site Kırmızı Perfect amgoz1. Just check it: