Titan quest with fancy hats, eh?

Hey everyone, been playing Grim Dawn since 2013 and loving it, finally got around to making an account here as it looks like I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

When I’m not playing GD I draw stuff and make games while wishing I was playing GD.

Welcome, you are describing symptoms of an addiction. If early morning, half asleep, few minutes before waking up you start theorycrafting or thinking about how to improve your existing build then it’s too late.

Fuck… /10chars

Addiction? Please. I spent close to twelve billion hours on Diablo 2, I’m not even close to an addiction (my clothes are clean and I’m well fed, for god’s sake).

We might be the same person :eek:

Welcome, hopefully you have some time to post as well :smiley:

I hope not, for your sake!
Thanks! Hopefully I do, it’s been literally years since I’ve last registered on a forum.

We have all been there. Isn’t Aleister Crowley with a potato face in that pic?

Why, it is, if by “potato” you mean “the hero of my current game”. I had no idea for an avatar so I went with one of my recent goofs.