To everyone who bought Diablo 3 or ever cared for series, two minutes of your time please!

As you already know playing this much superior arpg game. Diablo 3 is boring, stagnated, it has nothing to do with the beloved games(Diablo 1 and Diablo2) created by Blizzard North/David Brevik. The 20th anniversary ‘‘celebrated’’ at the Blizzcon event this year was a mockery, the final straw for many.

However, if you once bought Diablo 3 and had hopes it would be a worthy sequel to the excellent Diablo 2, if you once cared for Diablo/Diablo2/Diablo 2: Lord of destruction, if any of those games once meant something to you. I then beg of you to extend your Grim dawn endgame experience by going to the Diablo 3 forum(be aware, a warzone) and spending a minute or two there as often as you can reminding Activison/Blizzard of their disrespectful treatment to the franchise.
If nothing else, use the force of the upvote/downvote function to express your support to a dying old friend. There may still be time to save Diablo but if good men do nothing, death will certainly escape Diablo this time. There will be no future or Diablo IV for the series.

Please, don’t let the activison/blizz incompetence rejoice even a single minute of their negative influence while the franchise who meant so much for the development of this genre is suffering… is dying? :cry: Remind those that have abandoned all hope and now seek refuge in foreign path of exile, grim dawn lands to return there and support those still fighting a desperate battle for what they believe in, until the very end.

Brothers, sisters, do not go gentle into that good night…

Thank you.

I’ve personally abandoned hope for the Diablo series. Diablo may fade away, but ARPGs will definitely outlive a single franchise (beloved as it may be).

Activision/Blizzard at this point don’t care if their games get some sort of backlash, they know a lot of people will still buy them. The only way to make them change is to speak with your wallet and not buy their future games.

But given that a lot of people still buy their games regardless of quality, means they will never change unless something extremely dramatic happens and i don’t see it happening.

Well, I made your link link to the forum post. But do not feel like resetting my battlenet password again to login to reply.

Good Luck.

I suspect that a more savvy person might inject a meme of someone pissing into wind here, use your imagination.

I appreciate your sentiment as a fellow Diablo fan. But here me out

  1. You’re being delusional thinking “vandalizing” forums would actually make activison blizzard care for their fan-base. I have yet to hear one story where something like this worked.

  2. No matter what you do, if a person is willing to buy it won’t stop them. It’s a popular name that gets widely thrown around for reasons both good and bad and will stay in the limelight for many years to come. The newers breed of “casual” gamers seems to favor this horrible excuse for a game, whether you like it or not it is how it is.

  3. Posting something like this here, you’d end up offending any D3 fans on this forum and hurt Grim Dawn’s reputation by labeling it to have a salty fan-base (though i suppose it’s true for pretty much every game)

  4. It’s a game, get over it. If you love Diablo II then play it. Ignore Diablo III’s existence. Corporations exist to make money not to please their fans. One or two good companies may exist but most of them are a bunch of assholes. You’re in Grim Dawn forums, play the game. Get one-shot by Fabius and share your experience or browse the Crucible Survival stories thread for some interesting read.

  5. If you still have a lot of energy inside you then i suggest you channel that towards Valve. We need


I dont care enough to even loggin into bnet

To be honest, nothing that Blizz do right now will heal D3, they need to remake pretty much the entire game from the ground up to be worth while.

Blizz simple set a goal to make their games appeal to as large of an audience as possible, ARPGs arent like that, by making D3 “noobfriendly” they had to kill the franchise. There is nothing to be done about it, maybe in 10 years they will release D4 as a actual ARPG

Of course i agree, good games like Grim Dawn, Path of Exile will keep the genre alive, however the arpg genre like the rts genre have been losing ground to mobas, esports and such, many developers are now moving in that direction and i fear a bit for the future. The loss of Diablo would be negative for the genre.

Thanks, appreciated.

Not after D3…

I won’t buy any more Blizz games. D3 (and pretty much all of their other games) has shown that what I want from a game and the type of game Blizz is interested in making are polar opposites.
If they sell the games they create, good for them, I will not be among the buyers however. There also are enough games that are aligned with my interests that not having any Blizz games in that mix makes no difference.

I simply do not care for their games or the company, not even to the point of trying to get them to make different ones - which is highly unlikely to succeed to begin with.

Um, D3, tl2, poe, and go are all pretty new. Before that we didn’t have anything good. Had to go to sacred 2 and Titan quest for my fix. Seemed like a dead genere for a while.

Torchlight 2 is from like 2012 IIRC. Torchlight was 2009, Sacred 2 was 2008, first Sacred was 2004… Then there’s the Divinity series, and I’m pretty sure there are others I’m missing (like Fate). The genre hasn’t always been the brightest star in gaming’s night sky, but it’s been in no danger of fading away.

I posted in this thread for fun as I sometimes most rarely once in the blue moon look at Diablo 3 news/forum to see if anything interesting is going on.

I have quite a number of posts for both D3 and HotS but I don’t post much in those forums anymore since I have completely lost faith in Blizzard’s skill when it comes to “communicating” with their player base - which they don’t do much at all and when they do it’s something frivolous or off topic.

Ugh I still remember posting in the D3 forums before Alpha/during Beta and after release giving tons of feedback to no avail.

It is a shame because I liked D2’s dark gothic feel with the angels vs demons and humanity stuck in between but then D3 came and made everything worse imo.

Torchlight was a pretty small game. The scope was nowhere near what tl2 was. Sacred 2 was pretty mediocre but one of the few games to fill the void in almost a decade. Beyond divinity was 2004.

The genere is doing far better than it was just a few years ago. Sort of hard to argue that mobas are biting into it’s piece of the pie imo.


As a diablo 3 player that ling ago got bored with it and hasn’t looked back why would I care if the game completely tanks now? I could care less if D4 is ever made. The best way to voice your anger toward that francgise is to not give it anymore of your time or money. Then and only then will they get that they have no idea what the customer wants.

From a die hard D2 fan that has moved on

Actually Diablo 3 ain’t as bad as most people claim. It’s a really good H&S A. ”RP” (RP part only extends to you being a nephilim and the class you choose…) G. with a good amount of content when you consider seasons are part of the game. Sadly Blizzard left its “grim” roots with WoW and has been changing their games’ artwork for almost 15 years to a colorful theme which I despise with a deep passion. If only that game was not named Diablo, did not force you to connect to some stupid server every game and were a bit more polished before its release, it would’ve been accepted by far more people as a great H&S game.

Before I close this post, I want to speak of my subjective views on Blizzards performance instead of objective opinions. They’ve been in decline for a very long time. Sticking to a series and trying to add every “good” idea they have to an existing series was the worst mistake they could’ve made and they’ve done so many times. Their story writers are inadequate and their artworks do not match the worlds they’ve created. Except for Star Craft, that series is the sole remaining good grace they have and they soil it with moneymaking schemes. Add in the fact that it is of a dying genre, you are a fool to expect something good coming from Blizzard in the short term. They have not been the company that made games ‘by gamers for gamers’ for a decade. Still, I’ve dream that one day they will return to their roots.

Although the title of that topic is kinda weird, I gave it a thumbs up because of the detail from the OP.

This is about as likely as all of the people that have left Blizzard returning en masse :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t played D3 (except Mooege version long time ago) 'cause of “always online” bullshit (still think so). Have absolutely no regrets.

Main reason why i didn’t played D3. Last thing i want is for online servers to dictate if i can or not play my single player game.

Played a lot of D3 and GD. From my point of view GD is more of a solo game… it must be me, but I can’t enjoy GD’s MP, at least the ‘end game’ bit is very annoying. D3 however, MP is amazing; even after all these years I still get people asking me to play with them.

Before anyone asks - yes, I think D3 is a good game :stuck_out_tongue: And yes I’m looking forward to the new patch :o