To much playthrough

After playing Grim Dawn in 1700 hours im really tired of the same areas over and over again when you have went through it all to lvl 85 10 times it gets really boring. I dont feel like making new characters anymore since the areas have been seen to much allready and when you hit 85 and got some gear the game is over.

Things that can change that is when you hit 85 there could be an option to completely respect character both professions to try out new builds with gear you have found.

Or maybe a version of the game that require you have killed veteran elite and ultimate end boss, then there unlock a version like veteran difficult where you get alot more xp ofcause monster lvl shall raise fast aswell so it ballance, but a version where you can lvl up on only one playthrough, thats why I also suggest you need to have done the original playthough first to unlock it.

Thats would make me continue to play through the game at least.

The problem with most games like this is it gets boring to run same areas over and over to hit max lvl and then the game dont offer more.
This is not an option to the game to offer more but a faster way to try out stuff at least when the xp grind gets to boring.


It would be nice if the devs would add some sort of endgame material beyond just grinding for legendaries, but I think at 1700 hours you may want to start looking at taking a break until the expansion comes out. If it’s a $35 game that provided over 1700 hours of fun, I think it’s provided a long enough lifespan.

That being said, your suggestion about making a mode that will level alts faster/start enemies at a higher level sounds interesting. It really does get tiring to play through veteran every time when I know each class has several skills they can use to make it not difficult. I hate rushing thru on normal even more, but I might start doing that just to get to lvl 50 faster where the builds start to differentiate themselves.

Unless the development team increases its scale to the one like Grinding Gear Games (10x more staffs), it will be almost impossible for any game to satisfy players who play that much hours. Also probably most of offline game won’t be able to have the scale of GGG development team.

How about playing Titan Quest?

Well, this point has been brought up a lot.
I personally would wait for the expansion first, give Crate the opportunity to show us what they envisioned.

Don’t you get fed up with every other game? I do. The only cure is - play a game for few months/weeks, then switch to another one. Then after few months/a year come back.

I’m trying to avoid this temporarily in Grim Dawn by playing several characters parallel. I reach level 28 with a certain character, then make another one and level him up until lvl. 28. And so on, and so on, will continue to do it as long as I make all classes I find interesting to play with. Then, once they all are ready, I’ll progress till the end of the veteran with each of them, and repeat the whole process.

But I will feed up during this process eventually.

It’s a video game, not a lifetime “fun” subscription service.

I have played with severel brakes have played since it was released as early acces. I like the game alot and wanna try new stuff as they are added to the game, its just i need to make new character most of the time, and thats what gets boring for me, the high lvl stuff/items i can try on my allready finish characters its just when they make reballance or anything evolving low level characters aswell i cant find the mood for starting at lvl to get through it all again.
I play alot games beside this but i have tryed so much that its hard for me to find anything i want to play and keep coming back to Grim Dawn. But yes the expansion hopefully will be great, but then again to make one of the new characters you need again to run through it all, but might be fun on new character time will tell.
But at least a way to total retrain a max lvl character i cant see as a problem, at least they could add a limit so cant do it before you get 85 and even 100 and put it in expansion as a new feature.

Try one of the mods?