Toggle ability on scepters

So, I’m dual wielding Empyrion’s Mercy and I can toggle its ability from only one of them. Is this as intended and why?

I think you should be able to do this. Have you assigned the skill of the left hand weapon to one quickbar slot and the one of the right hand weapon to another? Or have you accidentally assigned the skill of one weapon twice?

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Tested and verified.

Yes, I think this is intended as it is a RR granting aura. Stacking 2 would reduce far too much RR passively. Just my 2 cents.

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Yep, there was another skill in between them when assigning them, so it was easy.

10-15RR is not that much for this to be a problem. Thank you for clarifying this for me tho.

Even if you could, it wouldnt make any sense anyways, since those two auras are identical and wont stack.
It’s like 2 summons from Summon Guardian of Empyrion skill both have Celestial Presence aura, but effects dont stack.