Tons of clay in storage; none reaching the brickmaker

My brickmakers are not making bricks, because they have no clay in storage. They have charcoal (I have as yet no coal deposits) in plenty, but clay is not being delivered to the brickmakers. I have over 750 clay in town storage, but none is getting to the brickmakers.

Ditto - same problem

Did you follow one of your brick makers to see what they were doing? If they were busy stocking shelter or eating, or getting drunk, then this will interfere with them delivering bricks. Same for putting out fire. Everybody drops everything to do that, well, at least everybody within range anyway.

You can try to move the wagon around closer to the brick builder if it has bricks in it. Open it and click on the wheel on the left side of the UI. Otherwise, you may also try building some storage closer to the brick builder. I kind of distribute my storage around to help with supply problems. Then I erect walls around them. Same with my guard towers, being individually walled up.

Right now I’m playing a mountain map, and there is no clay to mine that I have found. Just tons of sand, iron, coal and gold. I have to depend on the market which doesn’t bring a healthy enough supply in anyways.

It isn’t the delivery of bricks to storage that is the problem. It is the delivery of clay to the brickyard to make the bricks that is the problem. If the brickyard staff are supposed to be going and getting clay, they aren’t doing it. They’re just idling or wandering around (understandable, as, without clay, they can’t make bricks! :upside_down_face:) No getting drunk. Personal reasons, but I’d rather not even have a pub. Them seeking food or shelter, or stocking homes, is not the problem, because that’s only part of the time, and with those taken care of, they’re still not getting bricks. Neither are any of my 60+ laborers taking care of it. This is why I favor a dedicated delivery corps whose sole job is to get raw materials to the factories and processors. (However, today, someone seems to be doing a little tiny teeny bit better – I have over 1700 clay, and brickyard storage has 30/50 on hand.)

Do you mean the storage cart that sits just outside the Town Center? The wheel – OH! I had no idea that was the way to move it. I thought you used the little “move” button in upper right, like moving a building, but that’s greyed out. Thanks for that little bit of info. However – of course – there is no clay stored in the storage cart! :roll_eyes:

So far, I have three storage buildings in various parts of my town, and the brickyard isn’t terribly far from one of them. I don’t need walls; I play Pacifist Mode. Or does walling them up do something particular to the storage?

Eep! No clay. That’s the other most strategic resource that you can’t play without. My bugaboo has been iron, but in my current game (Lowland Lakes), I have iron out my ears as well as clay. Sounds like a good reason to reroll the map (as opposed to Rick-Rolling the map, which would never give you up and never let you down :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). The trading post is fickle and doesn’t give us what we need when we need it. Before I built my barns, traders were selling cows right and left. After I built my barns, it was two or three game-years before I got a trader selling cows!

Let me say that this is the friendliest and most helpful forum for any game I’ve been playing, and I’ve been playing computer games since the 1970s! Thank you, KeySmasher, for taking the time to help. Good luck, and I hope you find plenty clay soon!

Well, the mountain map is supposed to be difficult. I doubt rerolling will produce any clay when there are tons of sand resources and even the soil for farming is full tilt sand, which we can’t fix with the farmers yet as its bugged. I just wanted to see if this map was at all playable to tier 4.

Regarding fencing off storage, I don’t know that much about pacifist mode, but don’t bears and wolves still attack your buildings? I’ve seen a bear take berries from one of mine and I think the wolves will come after meat. You still need a gate by the front of the building for the villagers to access it though.

I too began early in gaming when PCs only had two 5-1/4" floppy drives and no hard drives. We didn’t have online forums because, well, the closest to online might be a local BBS if you were close enough not to get charged long distance for the call.

The Star Citizen community is huge and the Spectrum pages we use to post chat and other posts about the game is very fast. It is a much larger game that has been in development for nearly a decade now. I would say there are a lot of friendly people in that community as well because most of the bad apples vent through chat in game more than visiting the forums.

As Farthest Frontier is still fairly new in being earlier access, most of the people who play I think are the type of mentality who belong testing early access games as they have the patience and understand what to expect. I myself participate in open source bug finding because I once had an interest in being a game developer, but even with all the education my age was the hardest thing to get past after retiring from the military. So I keep a presence where developers will know my name should I still decide to take that route again in the future. I’ve grown accustomed to retirement now however. I still like being able to contribute ideas to how a game should develop though.

No, we don’t have bears, boars, or wolves and their dens in Pacifist Mode. Wish we did, because the wolves from a den can be “mined” for food, and I need that extra food!

Ah, those were the days! You started with 5 1/4" floppies? We started with “Press play on tape” (Commodore VIC-20). LOL! Oh, yes, I found some great BBSs, and am still friends with many whom I met through that venue, from around the world. Have met some of them IRL, too. Ah, such technological advancement, from 300 bits per second, to 1200, to 2400 Major progress!

I’m not at all conversant with the technical side of game design, but I’m enjoying being part of this Early Access process, in my retirement from being a historian and translator. There’s a TON of work being put into this game by the Devs, and though I often accuse game designers of being sadists (LOL), these people are really doing a huge job and deserve some applause. They also deserve applause for being brave enough to bring users into the process! As well, you deserve my thanks for being so willing to take time to answer my concerns. I’m also ex-military – osteoarthritis took me out before I made retirement. My husband (has full retirement as lieutenant commander) and I both served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

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