Too easy ?

Hello fellow aetherial slayers I must ask you something that is bothering me a little bit, you see… i’m a lvl 23 Soldier and i’m playing on veteran difficulty the thing is… the monsters are a little bit too easy but these are trash mobs with white/yellow name but the hero monsters are fairly tough but the thing I wanted to know is: is the game is alway that easy even at higher lvl ?

Thanks in advance

Trust me, you have barely even scratched the surface as far as challenge goes. Mid-to-late Elite you will feel things start to pick up, and by the time you hit Ult you should be satisfied with the challenge, especially if you decide to go for optional sidequests/areas (Mad Queen/Nemesis bosses will definitely show you a good time).

It was VERY hard to not use sarcasm to reply to this post, but no… the game gets harder as you unlock higher difficulties.

ok thanks I was worried about this but now i’m reassured thanks again :smiley:

Edit: sorry for the maybe dumb question… I was worried because I’m sick seeing ARPG like Diablo III being just a childplay without any good challenge

Honestly, in GD Normal/Vet is like training wheels on a bicycle. It’s there to get you familiar with game mechanics, get you to level 50 tops, get you some basic gear, and prepare you for Elite and Ult. Normal/Vet is not the real game for most people, for lack of a better way to put it.

Ultimate can be a wake up call for the less prepared players.

I accidentally got to nemesis with 3 factions in elite (overfarming) and now ultimate is like a terror movie: "will he be there? ", because even if im playing softcore i hate dying.

Believe me, this game has about 100x more depth and difficulty than diablo 3. Diablo 3 is basically not “difficult” it is “farm the right set of gear.”

This game has a ton of depth in its builds, meaning two people with the same class combo and the same gear quality can have SUBSTANTIALLY different success with their characters.

Grim dawn is also mechanically more challenging with generally WAY more abilities which you need to use at any given time

On normal/veteran you can max any AOE ability in the game and steamroll start to finish. Elite gets trickier and sometimes people ask for help here. Ultimate requires a good sense of how to build and balance offence vs defense, upgrade your gear, which abilities are good and how many points to put in and so on

no way! kyzogg just literally wiped his dirty cavern floor with my face at our first encounter, thank you… yeah too easy indeed… never playing veteran again…:furious:

Just keep going. Your fears will slowly turn into frustration:)

If i remember correctly there was one guy who beat normal without any mastery but it does get harder later on

Play a few squishy classes on veteran and you won’t think it’s so easy anymore. My gunslinger pyromancer died 33 times so far and he’s only level 45. :slight_smile:

I killed The Warden w/o any mastery but this. Holy Shit.

OP, if you find Veteran too easy, it’s a good thing. Elite is also a cakewalk, one can do it with faction gear and decent devotion setup. Ultimate is different though. So be prepared

I also just breeze through normal/veteran/elite without any grinding, skipping the rogue-likes there and saving up that one quest key to use it on ultimate difficulty ones. As the real fun starts there :wink:

first difficulty is just to get you used to mechanics items and stuff. you can look forward to nemesis bosses, secret quest and a certain “spider queen” for a good challenge later on :wink:

:smiley: If you wear shield and get some decent gear, pick up any class to support soldier or don’t, game will be easy for you even on ultimate, tho you will be slow :smiley:

Haha this is exactly it. I do fine against normal bosses but Nemeses are on a whole other level. I try to avoid getting factions to Nemesis if I can.

I think the developers balanced the game for post normal play. Even on veteran, the granted skills from components are often all you need to skate through. Enchanted Flint and Flintcore Bolts on a one handed gun and shield/offhand can get you most of the way through normal/veteran. If you have ways of reducing fire resistance (OFF, BWC, etc.) then you are unstoppable (even pesky emberguards can’t hang).

I don’t have late game experience, but I would imagine the flat fire and burn from the components will fall away (kinda like a lot of the Earth skills in Titans Quest).