Too Late for the Rescue

Pretty predictable poll to change the quest’s name.

I mean you’re sent on a rescue mission and the title tells you it’s almost pointless already

I am not saying give us a choice to be “too early” or “too late” which influences whether she lives or dies. But my request is simple - Change the Quest Name.

As a new player i loved saving people (except Harvey ofc) and repairing bridges, the moment i got the quest i expected it to be another save mission but the title was a big let-down.
It’s not that i was disappointed that i couldn’t save her, it’s just that i’d have preferred had i found out about her whereabouts myself rather than being informed by the title “Oh, lol she’s dead”

As someone who finds these smaller aspects of the game to be much more enjoying than any boss-fight and as someone who loves re-running the story i’d prefer if this is “rectified”

I hope i am not the only one who wants this.

Ty for reading this

Bumping this cause this quest’s title pisses me off even after such a long time


We also have the expansion coming and I hope this is fixed when it comes

Really…don’t bump stuff…really. :cool:

Quest title isn’t going to change.

Drat. I voted yes. :frowning: It seems pointless with that name… “Find my sister if she’s alive” - Quest pops up -“No she’s dead, I don’t even have to go look to find her, I can just tell you now, WITHOUT searching a cavern of monstrosities.”

Umm, sorry about the bump
But i noticed it again today on a char and frankly it still feels disappointing

“Too Late for the Rescue”?

I was like “Gee, thanks. That’s encouraging” :slight_smile:

I know right

after your first char there really is no surprise there, regardless of quest name :wink:

If I tell you I voted no, will it piss you off even more?

And that is my point. When i was playing it the first time i was like “Oh, come on. Really?”
I had zero motivation for the quest cause the title is disappointing

Nah, you’re good

Just don’t die, you don’t know who’s out there to get you :slight_smile: