[Tool] Blank level 85 & 100 characters


I did some saves for testing things out. I’m not for the cheat at all but since we don’t have any way to reduce our mastery level / reset attribute points so I made myself some “test chars” where I can actually try the items I get on my main and test out builds in actual combat rather than in theory, then, after, creating a legit one once I’m satisfied.

Enough talk, what’s in the box :

  • 5 saves named ( LittleOnez, LittleTwoz, LittleThreez, LittleFourz, LittleFivez ) ( original isn’t it ? ) There are 5 saves because the game copy character with the same name apparently when I tried to make my main blank and still have the same name.
  • Level 85
  • Naked
  • No class selected
  • No quest done in Normal and Elite. Everything ( I think ) done in Ultimate.
  • All portals unlocked
  • Maxed friendly reputations ( Allied with Death’s Vigil )
  • Nemesis with hostile factions ( included Kymon )
  • 100 potions of life/mana, nothing more.
  • No money
  • 87 attributes points available
  • 220 skill points available
  • 50 devotion points available
  • All map discovered ( I think )
  • All are women ( nobody cares but I feel like a professional adding things to this list )

So this is my first time doing this kind of stuff, I don’t even know if anyone wants these kind of saves but well, I’m sharing. If anyone encounters a problem or have a suggestion, feel free !


Kind regards,

Littlecatz the Facetanking French Flamingo


Bumping this as it spent the night in a moderation queue, while I hesitate to leave this thread in this section, there is not really an appropriate forum section for these types of “tools” at the moment.

Please keep on topic, this thread is not the place to discuss HEXING, that thread is here:

Considering some of the discussions currently floating around about Mastery Points and Respec costs at high levels, I am sure these character saves will be of use to people.

Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for the share :smiley:
Only one problem, when i tried to download it, it says “file does not exist”.

EDIT: tried to download with another browser, and it worked :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, is there a way to rename them? :smiley:

@followholiday May I know what browser didn’t find the file ? Just for my curiosity

@Martimus There is of course, but here is not the place. ( The goal of these characters are to test things, not actually play with it as a main character, so the name shouldn’t bother anyone with these intentions :D)

If any of you have a trustworthy website where I can host a file without forcing people to Sign up for anything feel free to tell me ! I honestly just typed “upload file” in google to find this one :rolleyes:

Don’t misunderstand me! I ask this so I can make one say “BATTLEMAGE TEST” or something like that.

@Martimus No worry, at first I was thinking of just calling them XXX, without exterior help you can’t rename them. Usually when I test things with these characters I just check what class they are in the character menu and that’s enough ( for me at least :undecided: ). I found it being too much of a specification when I created them :stuck_out_tongue:

Might come in handy to test some builds, thanks :smiley:

actually, it was my IDM that couldnt find the files, i tried to download without IDM and it worked :smiley: sorry for the misunderstanding :smiley:
and thanks again btw, this tool help me find more and more interesting build to make!

That’s actually what I wanted to make, try stuff, then create char knowing that it would be cool later on, I’m glad you enjoy it ! :smiley:

Hey are you able to re upload the file??
i got a 404 error file not found

thanks again!!

The download works for me. Maybe you’ve clicked the wrong link.

all sofcore?

IIRC yes, they’re all softcore characters.

Is there a trick to get them into the game? I downloaded and put them in the correct folder, but nothing happens.


In that case you haven’t put them in the correct folder. Where exactly have you put them? How does the content of that folder look like? Do you have Cloud Save enabled in the game settings?

Does that mean you managed to crack GD save compression? Or is it some hex-foo magic?

They’re most likely created with help of a hex tool or trainer.

Would be nice to know which. I would like to know how to alter save files, since it seems most of the people who did similar things for TQ are not also doing them for GD.