[Tool] Core Switcher - Force GD to use all cores equally!

Here you go powbam

Not sure how helpful the task manager is since it doesn’t say much.

Expand the arrow next to the TQ process please so I can see what is under it.

and in the Resource Monitor is it showing 4 cores there for you or 8? I think it’s just a quad-core but I want to be sure. Open it up, then up top click “CPU”.

Wasn’t really clear in there, but I checked the dxdiag and it’s 8 cores

Ok… but as I said opening up Resource Monitor literally shows you everything. Doesnt get much clearer but we’ll go with 8.

I still need to see what it says when you expand the tq process in the Task Manager medea. In order for the script to work I need to know exactly how Windows sees the process, how it’s spelled, if there are spaces in the name etc. /waiting

Well, all I could see in there was it was mostly 4, but occasionally going to 3 or 5.

If you are seeing it go up to 5 then it is likely an 8 core. Just to be clear here the Resource Monitor doesn’t show you some of the cores some of the time - it shows all of your cores all of the time…

if you had 8 this list would show 4 more cores. CPU 0 is Core 1, CPU 1 is Core 2 and so on… I’m not interested in what cores it’s “using” but how “many” Windows thinks you have - which is what I was looking to know. :wink:

Anyway, I went ahead and said screw it and installed TQAE to make double sure it works.

tq_8core_switcher.zip (522.9 KB)

From what I can see TQ does behave similarly to GD, using primarily one core (not at 100% like GD tho but fairly heavy) with light activity on the others. When I first tried my script it did not respond at all while in-game… so I tried it while tabbed out of the game and it worked. They must have something in the game preventing outside hotkeys from working while the game is active at the forefront. I have no idea how they do that but it seems it is so. But they work outside the game and toggling the core did indeed, for me, force TQ to use all cores equally.

  1. Download and extract. Run the .exe file inside it. It will show an icon in your system tray and from here you can make it exit whenever you like.
  2. Start up TQ let it run for 5-10 seconds then tab out of the game and press Ctrl+Alt+o
  3. When you do this you will hear a system beep and then 8 seconds later another beep. This means it is done.
  4. Open up Resource Monitor, select CPU so you can see all cores. Tab back into the game and play for a minute.
  5. Tab back out and see what all TQ has been doing with your cores. Ezpz lemon squeezy.



Yeah, it’s definitely 8 cores, I didn’t scroll down of course. Told you I was a newb at this sort of thing. :upside_down_face:

Does it matter where it’s extracted to? I tend to put TQ related tools etc, in My Games so they’re near to the save files, but I have copies of the game on both Steam and GOG so don’t know if that would make any difference to the extraction location.

It can be placed and ran from anywhere you put it.

Okay, I’ll give it a go and hope I don’t mess it up.

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Anti-virus threw a wobbly so had to allow the programme in, but yes it works powbam! Did see an improvement across all the cores.

Would you recommend using that zip file over the other one you made for GD? What I want to do is post about it on the TQ discords and in the TQF forum as well since a lot of people seem to be suffering lags, etc, in some parts of the game. Would it work with consoles as well do you think?

To be expected and nothing to be concerned about. You can always send it to your AV provider to allow them to scan it, look at it, and then whitelist it in their updates so that future users don’t encounter the same hassle.

Of course. The GD ones will not work for Titan Quest so you have to use one made for Titan Quest. Keep in mind that the script I just made you will ONLY work for CPU’s with 8 cores. If someone needed one for a CPU with a different core count I would have to make it.

I would also iterate that this also ONLY works for Titan Quest AE version - to do the “original” one would require a slight tweak to account for it since the executables have different names.

I’m going to go on a limb and say that I highly doubt it. The only way it “might” work on console is if the user had hacked a custom ROM onto their console to give themselves unfettered access. And even then it probably wouldn’t work unless they made a similar script unique to the console’s own operating system (usually some custom flavor of Linux - unless it’s an Xbox, in which case M$ probably uses some custom version of Windows for it).

Hey Powbam, I’m playing Grim Dawn on laptop with an i5-7200U, I believe that CPU is 2 core and if I want to use your switcher which one should I use?

Yeah, I didn’t expect it would work with TQIT, but I don’t know if people are really suffering with lag on that. And also didn’t really expect the console either, but just thought I’d ask.

Ah was wondering when I’d get a dual-core user. Be interesting to know if this works the same on dual-cores.

2core_switcher.zip (522.9 KB)

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Thanks Powbam, I’ll try it rightaway :heart:

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I have an old pc with i3-4160, 2 cores 4 threads, so which one should I choose? 2core_switcher or 4core_switcher?

The 2core. If you are in doubt about how many cores Windows thinks you have just use Resource Monitor. You will always be able to clearly see how many that Windows sees.

OK, thx bro. :smiley:

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But Resource Monitor shows 4 CPUs for i3-4160.

Is that your CPU as well or are you looking at my picture, which is a picture of my quadcore?