[Tool] GD Defiler

Woohoo! Another Defiler. :slight_smile:

Both valid points…in the past I haven’t allowed editing of deaths, that will probably stay the same in this case. I have to see how the hardcore part works yet to determine if I’ll do anything there…if it’s based on the death count then you may be SOL, if not then reviving a character who then HAS a death count will be easy to spot for Defiler users. :wink:

Do yourself a favor and don’t interact with the NetHack community while thinking save scumming is not cheating :wink:

Why anyone would save scum instead of just not playing hardcore is something I cannot understand though.

He isn’t saying that it is not cheating, just that you do not need the Defiler to do so, as something very similar is available already.

I don’t play hardcore mode, I don’t cheat, I don’t play nethack, I don’t interact with the nethack community - I do think save scumming is cheating :wink:

But I don’t see any problem with people cheating in their singleplayer games. Cheating can easily destroy the fun in a game - but I think everyone has the full right to destroy his own fun in a SP game, if they want to do so.
In multiplayer where you destroy the fun of others it’s despicable though.

I totally agree with that.

What I reacted to was this: (bolding by me)

yeah love your defiler for TQ best tool for trying out different builds, without having to start a new character :smiley:

Hope you release it soon!!! (need it later for the new class ;D)

but no activity since 09.09.2013 :frowning:

Well I doubt a Defiler will be out before the final release of GD so you’ll still have to wait awhile.

well the game is in alpha and a lot may still change, Im sure GD defiler will be available at some point, but hardly worth releasing it now when stuff may still change.

Thanks very much it was great for TQ, really added longevity to it, Cheers!

Soulseeker is a legend and gave TQ so much customization with his famous Defiler.
I collaborated with SS a few years back on a launcher for another game and kept in touch over msn for a short time. He’s really a great programmer and professional person to work with; a true scholar. Heck, back when GD was still in it’s pre pre pre alpha - he talked about making a defiler for GD and here he is today in a flesh - releasing the first build for testers. I’m glad he is back and hope GDefiler will attract more fans and support to this awesome to be game!

awesome! can’t wait

I just hope you will let out features like infinite health etc, as this will destroy, as already in tq, the online gaming concept (pvp for example). Just one thing that bothered me personally a lot, especially stuff you only can spot than, when it already is to late. At least not for the final game version, for alpha/beta testing ok, but not in a final game.

I’m sorry for that negative critism, but that is my point of view. There are indeed some funny and helpful functions in the defiler, but also a lot ones that do the opposide.

I like things like bugfixes, something similar to super flying bodies, disable annoying things (like zeus speech), rocking criticals, freeze time per day etc.
But not the thought that there is a program out that enables anyone to run around, kill players one hit or be invincible.


All Praise the Great Lord Soul and his tool of ultimate ascension, the Defiler!

Not to be Debbie-downer here, but people who want to do something like this will find a way even if it’s not built into this tool. So the tool might as well include whatever the modder wants. You are no more “protected” from this with or without this in the tool.

The answer is to only play with people you trust.

This is great news, even if I am months behind is hearing about this. Such a useful tool; thank you for your efforts.

Yay - loved the TQ Defiler!
Can’t wait for the GD Defiler :slight_smile:

Please keep us in the loop on your progress - there’s tons of people here willing to try it, I’m sure (yes, I’m one of them!) :slight_smile:

Simply awesome! Good to see the defiler finding its way to GD.

Have used tq defiler a lot in tq (and I did subscribe, grin). Looking forward to GD Defiler, keep up the good work. Would love to be able to rename characters right now. Anyone know how to do it?

SoulSekkor your defiler is the best tool ever made!