[Tool] GD Defiler

SoulSekkor is Back! , this just “warms my cockles” what ever they are. :smiley:

I never used TQDefiler just after 300h of gameplay to increase the drop rate to x2 or x3 and items/chest

But TQVault was great, hope that comes out as soon as the game :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the release of this, and more-so, a GD vault. Thank you for your hard work, it’s appreciated.

You are a legend man, thank you for all your hard work.
I’m really excited about the new Defiler! :slight_smile:

I noticed that in the TQ Defiler screenshot there’s some red text at the bottom that states that defiler is not compatible with Direct to Disk downloads, Steam etc.

Will the same be true of the GD Defiler? I went ahead and bought the GD Alpha on steam, but now I’m wondering which full release version to buy, in order to ensure defiler compatibility.

The Defiler will really take the pain out of looking for optimized, synergistic builds. I get really OCD over that stuff, so the defiler is probably the difference between not bothering with the time sink that the path of OCD will take me down; or having a blast, knowing I’ve got the best damn build I could possibly create.

It’s not Defiler as a whole that’s incompatible, just 3 mods in Defiler that are marked with a red star: Undo Mastery at any time; Soulseekker’s No Artifact ingredients and Show Items Toggle. There is another No Artifact Ingredients toggle by Bman which is compatible so you can use that instead and GD has it’s own Show Items toggle in-game. So really only the Undo Mastery isn’t catered for. But I suspect Soulseekker will take into account the increased use of DtoD since TQ was originally released and make these compatible too, if it’s possible.

Any ETA on a pre-release yet? :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing that up Wool Thief! :smiley:

Shellfish I would presume… Unless it’s a euphemistic idiom; in which case, I don’t wanna know :open_mouth:

I’m glad I could “warm your cockles”, whatever those are lol.

This should NOT be true, as that was most likely due to the publisher and/or D2D requirements. Grim Dawn should be totally DRM free so no more encrypted files…which was why some mods did not work with D2D or Steam. :frowning:

Soon! I hope. :slight_smile:

Otherwise I apologize for the vanishing act, been more than a little crazy the past so many months…more schooling for one, Xbox One release was another huge time sink, but I plan to get back and up to date with Grim Dawn and it’s latest changes! I hope to have a pre-release soon, it’s more or less already ready, I could disable the saving aspect for the moment just to get it out so people can open and view things (but I don’t know how much fun that would be).


Yay, yay, and yay :slight_smile: Can’t wait…

I don’t think view-only would be much fun, I’m afraid…

Just to double-check: Will GD Defiler work with the Steam version at all (especially since right now this is all there is)?

Yes it should work with the Steam version as far as mods go (when I get that far), character files are independent of the distribution type…those should always work. The exception is if they change the file format lol.


Sweet :slight_smile:

Heh, they better not! :smiley:

if you dont mind, can you abstractly explain how did mods work? Its been quite some time since I played tqit or used defiler. It didnt look like you were modifying database -as in arz- since I saw no loading bars whatsoever. And it did work while game ran. Was there some pointers for these and did you modify or injecting stuff?.. But it worked even when I had no defiler so it was permanent… how?

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I think a lot of the mods available in defiler were applying binary patches to dlls.

But I would also be very curious to know exactly what they were doing and even more curious to know how they figured out how to make these mods. The most information I remember reading was concerning the work EJFudd did on the RNG fix, but the older mods were either before my time or never really explained.

Where did bman and p0a and those other modders go?

jiaco is correct, they are binary mods, there isn’t a big jump or difference between a memory patch and the binary patch really, but I simply prefer the latter as it is much more convenient…who wants to have to check 10 checkboxes every time they run the game?

I can’t say for sure how bman and the others worked on their mods, they were in a level all their own where I’m not really up to the write code (or assembly) from scratch and inject it…I understand the basic premise of it, but making it work takes me longer. I use a disassembler to view the assembly in the DLL file and when I find something I want to change I used a hex editor on the actual file to make the change and test it. If all works as planned it was added to the Defiler.

I miss having bman and the rest of them around, especially luedtke (I think that’s how it was spelt).


Just a minor update, last night I got the new file format sorted out in the GD Defiler…only issue that may arise is I missed a few builds for testing I think, but I know a couple of the past ones are the same so anyone whose character doesn’t show…that might be a different format. I have to add some more messages in there when things happen during loading just in case.

Also at first I plan to have it read-only, I want to make sure that it correctly loads people’s characters on different operating systems with different languages. Having people capable of modifying characters right now would have too much of an impact on alpha and beta, and things will be changing so fast anyway that it probably wouldn’t make much sense to do so.


Hullo again! Progress is being made, mostly in preparation of Act 2…once that is released to the public I plan to have my test version up for people to play with. I also created a couple groups on Steam including the GD Defiler group for those who want to join it! I’m not sure to what extent I’ll be using that group, but being Grim Dawn is focused on Steam I may make some use of it. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is enjoying Grim Dawn!!


I am not 100% what type of mods some of you are asking about (game mods or character mods or mods made through programs like Defiler), however the way Soul makes mods (Defiler), is totally different to how I did it. Although, we use similar tools.

When I first found out about all the fantastic abilities some of the players could do in TQIT, I had to find out how…

This lead me on a “quest” which became more rewarding than the game itself! The first thing you discover is this… SECRECY!!

That’s right! No one wanted to talk about HOW things were done! It actually took years of annoying different players trying to gleen any little bit of information that would help me in my quest.

Fortunately I teamed up with another Aussie who was already on the “quest” and happened to have 2 bits of information that launched us into making the “Blackwidow & Santa” mod.

As has been mentioned, the use of a Hex editor is needed for many things (that’s one of the “things”). The Second thing is this… SECRECY! SO sorry I can’t tell you! After all a promise is a promise.

But too all the ‘nay sayers’ out there who think modding is “for cheaters”, I am here to tell you…

Expand your minds beyond the square and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn! It will actually make your gaming time more enjoyable too.

People like Soul do the gaming community a great service and it is most excellent to see he is on-board with GD also!

Loved Your work for TQ ! Welcome to GD!

It has been a while since I played TQ (I should fix that soon!) but from what I remember of the TQ Defiler there were some Extra patching / editing features that were added by other programmers, and I believe you mentioned somewhere that the other programmers were no longer participating ( :frowning: ) So I guess my question is what features that they added will be / not be the GD Defiler - Particularly the ability to edit the Drop rates. I enjoyed being able to tweak them a little to make the game easier or harder as I felt like.

Either way, your program is great and I am very much looking forward to participating in the Beta run of it if I can.