[Tool] GD MultiStash

I was hoping it might be that simple. The windows for the overlay dont appear in game for me. Im using the steam client version. Steam cloud is disabled both in the grim dawn options menu and steam, the gamepath option points to the grim dawn folder. When I have the option checked to start grim dawn together with gdms it works, however the overlays dont show in game even when starting that way. Any ideas as to why that might be?

gdsm : https://imgur.com/a/3q3cC3H
in game : https://imgur.com/a/jjED0iV

@ CallMeHank
How do you start Grim Dawn (exe or steam command)? GDMS only works if Grim Dawn is running in x64 mode and with DirectX11 (DirectX9 is not supported)

I have been using a shortcut to Grim Internals to launch the game, which I believe uses the x64 version of the game? Regardless I did try to launch it through the steam library page specifically with the x64 version and i didnt have any luck with that either. My direct x version is 12.

This is weird. You are now the 4th person here reporting that the overlay window doesn’t show up. I dunno how to reproduce it because a friend and I got DirectX12 as well and we just checked with the base game and everything is working fine. It could be some sort of driver update interfering with the D3DHook. Could you start the tool via “GDMultiStash.debug.bat” and look if there will be those two lines?

Well I’m glad its not just me I guess. I noticed I’m receiving an error when trying to inject into the game. Not sure where to locate the InnerException to provide more detail but hopefully this helps. Im on Windows 10 in case that matters.

We are getting closer. I’ve uploaded v1.22 to see the InnerException. You can force the update by using “GDMultiStashUpdater.exe”

Oh hey it works for me now. Pretty excited to use it. I played Titan Quest for awhile and while TQVault was great, an in game overlay sounds so much more convenient. Cheers.

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Hey guys, few noob noob questions here,

  1. I can’t seem to find this information anywhere… i am playing this game with my son who lives with his mother. I would like to use this mod to duplicate some items for him to help him out. He is only 13, so before anyone starts to tell me how i shouldn’t please dont hate… the question is, if install this can i still play online multiplayer with him? OR once i install this multiplayer is no longer an option and my character is going to be screwed up.

  2. I read through this entire post and at no given point i see step by step instructions on how to do this or perhaps a tutorial video that shows how to install this, where to install this etc…

Any and all help with be greatly appreciated!



1: You can play multiplayer with this tool because all your data is saved on your machine (you need to disable cloud sync in grim dawn options!)

2: In the first post there are some infos and a video that shows how to duplicate items. You dont need to install it, it’s portable. And it doesn’t matter where you put the tool.
Start the game, click on “create stash”, add some stashes and open your transfer stash in game.

3: You don’t need to share personal information (like the age) on the internet and it’s not our job to judge your parenting


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Thank you Yveone! You rock!

Another question. When i disable cloud saving, and log back into the game all my characters are gone, i had to make a new character, enable it again and restart the game and my characters came back. How would one go around that?

So i need to disable cloud save, start the mod, duplicate some items and then reenable cloud save? Sorry for being such a noob. I appreciate your help!

It’s okay to ask such questions :slight_smile: There is a way to move/copy your save data from steam cloud to your local save data:

You are awesome Yve ty! So let me make sure i understand. i copy the save from the cloud to default Grim Dawn location → then disable cloud → then log into the game and start the mod → then dupe items - > then copy the files from the default saving location back to the cloud - > then re-enable cloud → then back to normal as usual?

It should work yeah. Maybe… Or maybe not… Dunno… never did that myself because I only play without cloud sync all the time and I also dont know anyone else who is using it.


Thank you a freaking ton, ROCKSTAR STATUS! Got it all working! 10/10! I appreciate all your hard work, time and efforts!!!

Thank you!

Thank you for your work. This utility is really great :heart_eyes:
I use it with item assistant. The two together work perfectly.
It’s really nice of you to share this utility with us, to continue to improve it and to help people who have difficulties to use it.
Sincerely :hugs:

Ps: I am French and I translated your file to have it in French.

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Thats realy nice =) If there is any word thats too large or not easy to translate then you don’t need to translate it literally. It’s okay to translate just to similar meaning for its purpose. For example I translated the word “Usage” (column title in main window) to german “Voll” which would be “Full” in english. You can upload it anywhere (like pastebin) or send me via pm :slight_smile: <3


This tool looked amazing to me, so I wanted to try it out, thing is the overlay doesn’t seem to be showing.

Anything I am doing wrong?

There is only one [GDHook] debug message. and I don’t see any message about expansion and mode. Is this the full debug text? then maybe your “GDIALib.dll” is missing or blocked by firewall

Hey, this was the full debug text.

I tried it with windows fire wall turned off, but that didn’t make any difference.
I do have the GDIALib.dll

Do you use Malwarebytes? That might be interfering.