[Tool] GD Stash

Steam only checks cloud saves when a game is run and it only cares if the save files on the system are older than the save files in the cloud.

But in any case, I decided to try something. I disabled cloud saves, made a brand new character (SC/Normal), played until I killed the reanimator and then visited the illusion vendor. Multiple pages of illusions. Closed the game, ran GDStash, clicked Add All Illusions, closed GDStash, loaded game and once again, only a single page of Illusions.

There are also no backups dated at the time I did this, so if GDstash is supposed to what’s making the backups…it’s not, or at least it didn’t in this case.

It works for me. I deleted my transmutes.gst, started the game to create a new one and had maybe 6 helmets in it, dfinitely 1 page only. After adding all illusions it now has 14 pages of helmets. So not sure what you are doing wrong / differently.

Okay, so I deleted every transmute file in the save folder first, made a new character, got to the illusion vendor and closed the game. There was one single transmute file in the folder, 2 KB in size. I started GDstash, clicked Add All Illusions. Confirmed that the transmute.gst file was now 83 KB and that there was a 2 KB .t00 file.

Loaded the game…still only one page of illusions.

Closed the game and the .gst file is back to 2 KB. There’s also a .gsh file now, I’m assuming this is the Hardcore illusions file since I checked on my HC character too. That one is 3 KB.

Steam Cloud has been turned off for Grim Dawn this entire time.

(edit) I finally got it to work - I had to start Steam in offline mode, do the adding of illusions, start the game, close the game, restart Steam in online mode and finally the illusions stuck - and honestly, it wasn’t worth it since apparently there’s no complete armor sets in this game, you’re always going to have one part of your body that looks like you suffered amnesia while dressing yourself. Wish I had looked that up before going through this headache.

in that case the tool did its job. The 2KB .t00 is the backup of your original illusion file, the new 83KB file contains the added illusions.

sounds like you were using Steam cloud then and the game used the 2KB cloud file over the 83KB local file.

the only way the file is reset to 2KB again should be that cloud save was using the cloud data over the local data

weird, but hey, cloud save :wink:

So I was wondering if someone could help me. I downloaded the stash, turned off cloud, got my character’s shared stash to appear in the crafting tab. I created the Winter King sword and helm and placed them in my stash, but when I go into the game they aren’t there.

I didn’t have the game open when I was doing this. I know it was my character’s stash because the other items that are in it came up in the stash on the crafting tab.

Anyone know why they aren’t appearing in-game? Does my character have to be the level of the created items?

Edit: I also clicked “save stash” as well

Did you save the stash before exiting the programme? Also did you turn off cloud saving in both the Steam settings and the ingame Options menu? Did you move your cloud saves to local saves first?

When you open the shared stash again, is the crafted item still in it ?

Generally speaking, it the tool and the game show different items, they are using different stashes.
If you use local saves, the game was not running while you made the change and the change then is not shown in game after you start it, the only explanation is that you edited a different stash than what the game is using.

I’m kind of confused as to how I get the stashes to appear in crafting. I’m not sure which character’s stash is showing as I have a bunch of them. I was using the grimarillion mod and it’s just been a headache trying to add items to the stash. I’ve moved the files as medea showed. There’s just something that’s wrong.

In crafting it’s the transfer stash you see, not a character’s.

Whatever is wrong is a user error, the functionality works. Make sure you view the shared stash, not a char stash in game.

does GD stash has the items from Reign of Terror mod (d2 mod)

I deleted some characters and used the AOM database. The created items then appeared in my shared stash in-game. I think it had to do with the grimarillion mod stash and confusing me.

GD Stash does not come with any items. You need to import the data on the Config page, whether vanilla GD or from a mod.

Mods have their own shared stashes, so if you added the item to the vanilla stash it would not be show when playing a mod or vice versa. Make sure to select the correct shared stash on the Crafting page.

I was confused because in the mod In-game, there is no shared stash for the grimarillion characters, so not sure where the heck the items were going.

What? Yes, there’s a shared stash for Grimarillion characters, same as for vanilla ones. Are you sure you’ve installed the mod properly?

I think so. When I go into the character stash there’s no tab there for shared like in normal GD. It’s only the character’s personal stash.

You have a separate tab for the shared stash. Stash Transfer is separate from Character Transfer. If you’re crafting stuff it is put into the Transfer Stash. There’s no option to put it in the character’s.

So when I craft something for the grimarillion character, do I then have to transfer it to a character stash?

No, it goes in the transfer stash shown. Then ingame you use the character you want to have that item get it out of the transfer stash.