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I can’t enter the seed value in the Item crafting section. The field only takes 8 numbers but the seed value is a 9 digit number - am I supposed to ignore a digit (the first one or the last one maybe) ?

The seed is an 8 digit hex code, not sure why you think it is a 9 digit number. At a minimum it would be a 10 digit number, plus the sign.

Well when I look up equipment details on command line via gd-edit I get this “seed : 107514464”
If this is not the seed what field shows me the correct seed. If it is the correct field and I’m not supposed to put that sequence in, what am I supposed to use for the seed in GDStash ?

That is the decimal representation of a specific seed, you can represent any hex value as a decimal number.

As the seed is 4 bytes this is either a max of 2^31 (2147483648) plus one bit for the sign or max 2^32 (4294967296) for an unsigned integer. Not sure which of the two representations gd-edit uses.

You should use the seed that is displayed on the Crafting page in GD Stash when you select an item in your shared stash.

Got it. Also ran the digits I had through a converter and it gave me the same number at displayed in GDStash. The more I use the more I learn. Thanks for all the guidance and patience !

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Hello everyone, I was using GD stash trying to add items into the game however whenever i go into my stash, my stash is empty and the Item i added do not appear. I have already steam cloud save disabled both for the game and steam itself. I also know that GD stash does backup the stash files in which i have sorted and looked through each and one of them. Is there any reason why I can’t add items into my stash?

Welcome to the forum? Are you saving before exiting the Stash? Also are you trying to add items with the stash ingame open? It must be closed before you use GDStash.

were there items in it before that are now missing or is it just that the new item is not showing up ?

then there are 3 options

  • you forgot to save in GD Stash
  • the stash was open in game (do not have the stash open or the blacksmith, as the latter can take components from the stash, so also causes the stash to be open)
  • you are using a different stash in game than you added the item to

hey guys…i am currently using IA to store my items but wanted to import all items to GDS…what file do i need to select or command line do i need to type in the file name to do so?

You should be able to export the GDIA items into a file (extension .ias), which you the can import into GD Stash on the Im/Export page

ok…how exactly do i do that?

I am not familiar with GDIA, on the GD Stash side

to load the file, select the items you want to import and then


Which pretty much is what the ‘Help’ button will also tell you :wink:

Wont let me continue after setting up. whenever i look for the Localization file there is nothing there. I have been looking for an english localization d/l but havent found on. can anyone help

The Localization file is for Grim Dawn translations. As GD is in English by default, you do not need one when you want to use English…

it wont let go past the config without one

This is absolutely not true. It won’t let you go out until you have imported the GD data, but you do not need a translaltion file for that.

I assume you are not seeing the Import button… scroll down…

it says wrong directory and i have it set to my gd folder…

does could save need to be off?

then either your installation or save dir is wrong, depending on which dir it says that for.

The help lists the probable save dir locations.

no, it is recommended (but not required) to be turned off when you make changes, but for the import it makes no difference

ok ill try again later