[Tool] Grim Dawn Item Assistant

No the time stamp has not updated.

Then IA will not be able to help you, for now anyways.

I’ll get an alert added into IA, advising users.
But stay tuned, I may be able to manipulate your inventory via the game hook, but will take some testing to confirm/deny/get right :slight_smile:

Hmm. I don’t know any other way of disabling the cloud sync, other than unchecking it in the Steam settings. And I don’t understand what a game hook is. But I do thank you for your replies and your effort.

This explains a temporary workaround for your issue.

But I’ll get it fixed somehow, just won’t be today :slight_smile:

Just playing around with it …

I threw a stack of mandates in. It ate the stack but I can’t find them in GDIA. Searched for “mandate” “outcast”, no filters, etc.

edit: It displays blueprints as something like craft_item008, but will successfully restore it to tab3.

edit2: It ate a bunch of yellows and does not displays them anywhere in GDIA.

edit3: Guile (relic) went in, did not display under Relic filter. Had to manually type in the name.

Bone Talisman went in, does not display with Relic filter. Typed in “quest” and it shows up as “Quest Reward - Lost Elder”.

edit4: No Bleeding filter.

Yeah yellows will probably show up under a generic name with no prefix/postfix… perhaps a filename even. They’re in there though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some items arnt parsed correctly (in terms of searchable name etc), I’ll see if maybe Mamba has some input there =)

Bleeding is on my TODO list, but won’t have time until Friday.

Overall, some items can be under different names, and lack prefix/postfix.

Patch notes 5920.19304:

  • Can now override ‘transfer to stash’ if the client is unable to hook into Grim Dawn
  • IA will now detect that the stash is closed if the game is not open :wink:
  • Will now show that there are +pet stats on an item (does not show which just yet)
  • Added a settings window [more to come]
  • Will now inform the user if injection fails
  • Can now filter by bleed/trauma/etc
  • Will now warn if the user has steam cloud enabled

How do I get it to update as the auto update doesn’t seem to be working.
Or do I need to reinstall it?

It doesn’t detect any new updates? It checks upon starting the program (or it should)

But if you download the new version and just install over the existing one, that’ll work as well!

Patch notes 5921.18901:

  • Can now filter by item quality (Any/Yellow/Green/Blue/Epic)
  • Fixed some naming issues
  • Fixed some of the icons

This thing is fucking amazing.

Request: A “pet” filter. Anything with pet bonuses.

Relics show up under “Other” and not “Relics”, though Bone Talisman is correctly named now. Same with Manticore Longsword (quest reward.)

Still can’t see the yellows I dumped in two versions back, nor the stack of Mandates. Not a huge deal.


> * Will now show that there are +pet stats on an item (does not show which just yet)

Will get the mandates and yellows fixed in the next update.
As well as showing +pet stats and the relic issue

The pet filter though… It’s coming, just not sure when =)

Have yet to try it but nice work!

Thumbs up for limiting yourself to legit features other than the unlimited inventory. Also nice workaround you found there to allow storage directly in-game.

My only complain from the screenshots is the look and feel. Is there already, or are you considering, the option to switch to a different one? I’d rather have something “minimal”.

And one question as well. Can’t you work with the 4th stash alone? Get everything the player puts there, send everything here too. Until the player removes the item and adds it back. Sounds doable with minimal amount of code to track stuff. Would maybe require to close stash when you want to store back an item right after reclaiming it, but I’d be fine with that (if needed at all).

Anyway, seems the day I return to Grim Dawn is getting close! Thanks!

HELP!!! I can’t take back my item when kick tranfer to stash, now all of my lengen gone ( it still inside intem assitant), how to fix it???

Agree 100%

I transferred a bunch of items to test, 2 blues, a green amulet, and a yellow chest, but now I can only get the blues to show on search :frowning:
Since I don’t know the name of the items nor the stats on them, how do I go about getting them back?

edit - something is not working right, tried a white shield as a test, it doesn’t show up either, no matter what I do

Yeah next update will address the issue of yellow/white items.

The actual “item” view I’m not quite happy with, will probably replace it with something more simplistic. Didn’t work out the way I intended.
The rest of the GUI though… staying as-is.

Go to “%appdata%…\local\evilsoft\IAGD\backup”
Your stash is backed up before making ANY Changes at all :slight_smile:

If closing your stash does not help, close the game completely.
If you open IA while the game is closed, it will automatically detect that the stash is closed and let you transfer any items.

Make sure your Tab3 in shared bank is empty.

Is your in-game stash closed when attempting to transfer? If you look at the bottom of the window it will display any errors that happens.

sorry to bother ,but what is the proper way to transfer item form IA back to stash?

one thing now i notice is when you drop an item to stash 4 it would disappear automatically while GDIA is on …

Hope this is how it’s designed …

sorry again … got it figured out how to reverse a transfer…

  • IA will automatically loot items placed in stash 4
  • IA can transfer items to stash 3 (it considers stash 3 to be full if it has 16 items or more)

Yay!! I can fix it now, cause of my stash 3 not blank, thank u and well playy!!!