[Tool] Grim Internals

check in the Q&A post the final version with the edited dll is there, just update to final version of the game and throw the files in

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The new update broke GI today. Its not him I don’t think.

oh i guess this was a day ago… but it is broken today :stuck_out_tongue:

I did the work around a couple days ago for the dll file fix and it was fixed until the update today. Anyway to get it to launch again. I crash on start up.

New DLL working with Grim Dawn Version v1.1.9.8 + Hotfix 1:


Pretty cool Thank you :+1:

Works for me too, you are amazing!!!
Thanks so much!

You are a legend. Thank you so much

Brother thanks alot,you are out of this world!
Ill post it in Q&A as complete just in case

Well zloba told which byte to change so as I said earlier - when a new patch hits I’m gonna try every possible value there
And that’s what I did, starting near the last working number 6d:
The first 3 ones crashed on launch, the 4th launched but failed to load a save,
the 5th one did the trick so it didn’t even took me long, probably faster than analyzing the new .exe


I recall Glocky was telling me that everytime there was a new release and maybe it had to do something changing on the engine or whatever if she didn’t bother to analyze the .exe then some of the features of GI wouldn’t work.
So most likely on 1.2 it might stop working completely…

*Tips hat once again


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latest version doesnt work on the beta of 1.2 ofc ;p
any magician here?

Considering all the changes to the UI/HUD etc… I don’t imagine a simple hex-edit will be possible like before :frowning:

  • That OK by me though, it looks like 1.2 includes all the essentials that I “can’t live without”. So, I’m good…

Im sure the hex editing might not help :confused:
The day night cycle im not happy tho, i mostly set it to be night it helps for the atmosphere for me
actually a Day Noon Night option would be better tbh


Yeah, having a day AND night option would be preferable I suppose


Doesn’t hurt to try when we have a stable steam build
It’s possible that it launches with some features working / others crashing


love your optimism :smiley:
i hope day night works

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Yeah, it’s different, version mismatch, the simple method doesn’t work so if someone wants Grim Internals, some serious hacking will be needed.

BTW, did anything break when you did the hex-edit so it would work with

Just curious