[Tool] Grim Internals

what are you launching?
where are you launching it from, and “when” ?
and with the correct new modified dll? (someone posted earlier)
^the proper dll is important because of exact version match btw, since seems requires a different value switched each time, and gog update wasn’t the same as steam

when you say you have gog copy, do you have a legitimate GoG copy, and not a pirated version?

Yes ist the same newest from gog
Run very good the game

i have correctly copie
i startet grim from desktop…shortcut

i suuplied the correct patched gi dll for the latest gog version for him above.

and: since gog is drm free there is no difference in a copy of a gog game (thats what a pirated gog version basically boils down to) and a gog original. Thats the intrinsic nature of gog releases.

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you’re supposed to launch via Grim Internals shortcut, not the game shortcut

as i understood Gerda did something that made it not work on pirated versions :wink:
hence why it’s a frequent complaint or “support” ask

yes, for pirated steam releases. that doesnt apply to gog versions :slight_smile:

as i understood it did? :man_shrugging:
atleast i think we had it happen before with “gog” copies

,you’re supposed to launch via Grim Internals shortcut, not the game shortcut,

i mean i startet grim down the game from the shortcut…the internals exe in the root file

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as i said, you cant distuingish a gog version form a copy of the install files :slight_smile:

ok, lets all focus :slight_smile:

  • to start grim dawn (64bit) you need to start it from the symbolic link / link on desktop
    (since it calls the 64 bit in x64 but has to be executed in grim dawn , not x64 - as explanation for those who wonder. thers why you need the ‘execute in’ field of the link)
  • to start grim dawn 64 bit with GrimInterals active, you just™️ need to run grim internals 64

so far everything looks good and proper what carlo22 did.

only thing left is the versionnumber on start screen, if it really shows

then what’s this mention about desktop shortcut?

have you perhaps used the 9.7 exe override trick that might have been mentioned earlier in the thread? (which would cause a conflict)

“something is off”

have you tried reinstalling grim dawn, and put grim internals back in to ensure you have the correct game files?

the desctop shortcut is for the normal GD, since i asked him to run GD w/o gi.

the only thing that doesnt launch is GrimDawn with GI active

but grimdawn itself runs. and i want to know if his 64bit version is properly installed - hence the version number of unmodded GD

ye i realized that, hence why i removed it

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I don’t know why it doesn’t work…
it is exactly this version number

The game runs wonderfully, but the Griminternals file doesn’t work for me when I try to run it

can you please screenshot your game folder files
because something is off
i don’t see a single screenshot posted, and while i’m not saying you’re leaving stuff out/not being accurate when saying things are proper/X, it would make it useful to potentially spot what might be missing
because something is clearly missing somewhere in the chain

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do you know how to compute hashes for files?

so you could compare if you have the correct versions
These are the md5 hashes:

916f71e00edae700a130afad2e585c4a *GrimInternals64.exe
f09f71f397c2abbe4854aadc0ba9d916 *GrimInternalsDll64.dll

i dont no hashes?

I can only take screenshot from website…
folder I don’t know?

@carlo22 could you right click the grim internals64 exe, chose properties and then click the details folder and show what it says?

open folder, press the print screen/PrtSc button on your keyboard
click paste/instert either in post reply, or into img software to crop it before posting

in my thinking it has to be a matter of either wrong file placement, or having the wrong GI/GI dll for your current grim dawn version

bru… how is yours “older” than mine @_@

wth is wrong with my GI now :sweat_smile:

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