Total Damage % transmuter and WPS interaction questions

I have Might of the Bear at 3 points, Savagery at 16 points, and 8 active charges of Savagery. I hit a guy, crit, and proc Upheaval.

Upheaval’s weapon % damage is multiplied by x1.5 because Savagery text says it deals “150% Weapon Damage” - correct?

Upheaval’s weapon % damage is also multiplied by x1.15 because Savagery is at 8 charges and so gives 115% benefits - correct?

Upheaval’s full damage, meaning weapon %, bleed, and lightning, is improved by x1.18 because Might of the Bear increases “Total Damage” by x1.18 on Savagery and Savagery bonuses carry over to Upheaval - correct?

Also, incidentally, Upheaval does NOT replace the Savagery hit like other WPS do, so the primary target is bopped for Savagery’s damage as well as Upheaval’s Savagery-enhanced damage - correct?

Similar questions for Fire Strike’s “Total Damage” transmuters but I think you can tell I’m not playing with that skill right now!

This one might also be helpful:

Thank you. Taking The Witcher at his word from the first thread, looks like Might of the Bear does provide its 18% bonus to WPS. And I figure Upheaval does stack on to the Savagery “base hit” because of those old patch notes saying “Upheaval now affects the primary target” which probably wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

You have misunderstood how WPS work. The savagery hit does not get replaced by WPS, but it gets modified by WPS. All of the flat damage and usual savagery effects still occur and the added flat damage from the WPS occurs too. The weapon damage % is multiplied all together, see the example below.

Assume lvl 16 savagery, 8 charges so 115% and full transmuter for additional 18% total damage modifier. If the player has lvl 1 feral hunger which is 110% weapon damage the final weapon damage will be: 150 x 1.15 x 1.18 x 1.1 = 223 WD%. All the savagery lightning, bleed and electrocute + feral hunger bleed occur as well.

Upheaval calculation is very different since two attacks happen in one swing, and as the description states upheaval hits the primary target and everything in 3m radius. Assume lvl 1 Upheaval for 50%WD and small lightning + bleed.
Savagery hit is 150 x 1.15 x 1.18 = 203 WD% with all the usual flat damage aspects too. The Upheaval hit is modified too by savagery bonuses though so 50 x 1.15 x 1.18 = 67 WD%. Total damage is 270% WD and all the flat damage effects in one attack round.

Upheaval has the advantage of having two separate calculations which works out as higher damage but crit chance is difficult to acquire in large amounts and Upheaval cannot proc if a different WPS does. The consequence is usually that outside of a Blazerush or Avenger build Upheaval is a one-pointer because of these mechanics.

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Thank you for the clarification.