Total dissapointment

I just had a look at new constellations and items and sets and all that posted on grimtools. It dissapoints to a point i must say something about it.
All sets and items are about tha same thing we already had.
Where are all the crazy items that would let us combine elements that hasn’t been combined so far? Fire-Cold? No! Cold-Chaos? No! Acid-Lightning? No!
When i saw Oathkeeper skillset and passive i was sure that there will be set for specific fire-physical-trauma dmg. Guess what?
There is no Oathkeepre-Demolitionist set for Granado/Canister Bomb! SERIOUSLY?!?!
New Constellations are joke. No fire-physical early constelation. No early Fire-Ice constellation! Constellations are unbalanced as hell! Any form of life leech that is gold for most builds only appear on vitality constellations.
Relics? Who need them just throw something that is totaly useles.
Also one big thing that is totaly wrong. WHY! THE! HELL! IS! PATH OF THE THREE! AN ACID-VITALITY AND NOT ACID-CHAOS!?!?
Also iirc all oathkeeper skills with morphers should have 2 to either go poison or cold as was seen in earliest screenshots and videos.

Not sure what you thought you were seeing, but there have never been two modifiers on the Oathkeeper skills.

Demolitionist is the only class to have two modifiers on Fire Strike and that’s the only skill that’s ever had them.

As for why Path of the Three has vitality damage. Well, because both the modifiers on Righteous Fervour and Guardians of Empyrion also convert fire/phyiscal into vitality damage.

Sounds more like you wanted very specific things to happen and you are not seeing them.

OVerall FG items bring a mountain of new things to try out including conversions

If you want to be taken seriously, rants like this that make no sense is not the way to do it. Then new relics are very powerful for what they are meant to and have their own identity

Here I agree. But after reading this thread I decided I will not make the same mistake and I will keep all comments to myself until I actually play the game. Doing otherwise would prove only one thing - that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

This comment makes as much sense as saying that there aren’t enough butterflies in GD.

There’s so much emphasis on demolitionist and mods to those two terrible skills in this expansion that it makes one wanna throw up. There’s even vitality grenado.

There’s some serious exaggeration and generalization here. And dual-dmg fixation. Dude, just because there’s phys and there’s fire on oathkeeper doesn’t mean that they will lead you like a child and make phys-fire devos from t1 to t3 so that you know for sure those are to be taken by oathkeeper.

Here I agree. Vitality already has enough meaningful support from masteries. It should’ve been acid/chaos. But this fact has been know for ages now and pretending that it’s such a shock is comical.

But on the other hand the fact that chaos remains without much support in terms of rr from masteries might be part of its identity. Or something.

And nightblade should be able to walk on his hands. Seriously. Didn’t they cover that on nightblade bootcamps?

While I’ll agree to some of what you’re saying(especially the Path of the Three being Acid-Vit instead of Acid-Chaos, but then again Vit could be related to Solael as well), I’ll have to disagree about your idea about morphs. Because:

Since when is either Solael, Dreeg or Bysmiel linked to Cold?

But there aren’t. Where are my butterfly wing shoulders, Crate?

Im disapointed by amount of dupes . Its hard to find new items in gdtools cause all of them look exactly as old items with minor coloring difference, which i cant see. :eek:

I’m disappointed with your total disappointment. :cool:

If you look closely at the exact point where acid and lightning synergizes you’ll notice a tiny field of cocoons.

Second that. My build has/will have nothing new (except rune): No items, no devotions…nothing.

But I´ll wait and play FG and see, how much fun it is. And, aren´t there some things not implented in GT yet or am I totally wrong?

Do you only have one build? :rolleyes:

Yes. :slight_smile:

/10 char

Then just don’t buy FG :stuck_out_tongue:

Having just one build in GD is also pretty wierd, what is there to do? there is no char growth like in Diablo 3

char growth in d3? What is that?

More important, what’s Diablo 3?

Paragon grind and rerolling ancients for better/more stats :rolleyes:

What do you do with ONE char in Grim Dawn? Kill MQ over and over again?

An old ARPG that has much larger playerbase than Grim Dawn … for some reason :confused:

LOL, paragon grind. Sound as good, as player progression in Demise:Rise of the Ku`Tan. Last time i watched D3 stream it looked like a bunch of yellow numbers fluying around a mess of effect-gore.

Nope, i prefer milking Giant Bee Queen .

Last time i watched D3 stream it looked like a bunch of yellow numbers fluying around a mess of effect-gore.

sounds like Crucible to me :eek:

I never said D3 was fun, but at least there you have a reason for playing the same old build over and over again.

Explained easily: Playing casual.

Log in for a short time, hunt for missing Blueprints, missing set pieces, legendaries for trade.

I was hoping, that with FG there would be some new items/devotions to test. There are none. But there will be a new storyline, Dangerous Areas and Shattered Realms. I will play these…and hunt a new Nemesis and grind all 3 Factions (some of the new augments are pretty good). :wink:

Uh, yes there are new items and new devotions. So your hopes are met. :wink:

If you want more you should read the Grim Misadventures.