Total War - Three Kingdoms

I’ve been a huge fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms ever since I played the first one way back in the NES days… well, I imagine it had been out for a while by that point because I first saw it at some girl’s house I had a crush on in the early 90’s I think. But it was the first one nonetheless.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (video game series)

I feel a little giddy here that the Total War franchise has got their hands on this actually. Amazing. But it looks like I’ll be waiting until March 7th, 2019. Hopefully others are as excited as I am tho.

I’m definetely excited but still a bit cautious. I won’t jump in on release and probably will wait for a discount unless the reviews get me too hyped to resist. :wink:

I’ve been a big fan of Shogun 2, the first TW game I played. Unfortuantely all the successors I bought (Rome 2, Attila, Warhammer) failed to capture me.

I’m not sold on the emphasis on Characters and their godlike powers, but I read that there will be a “realitsic” mode, so I’ll probabl stick to that.

Not excited tbh. I didn’t like shogun at all and i really doubt i’d like this. I’m more of a warhammer/rome kind of guy.