Totally newb

Hey guys. I will start off by saying I am a long time veteran of the Diablo series. I played the shit out of D1, D2, and have played D3 since launch. Dont get me wrong, I love the Diablo series, but D3 has left me, lets just say a little wanting, even after all this time. I cant seem to grasp how the third installment of a game can have less in it than the second.

Anyway, I was dicking around on youtube and noticed a video about this game, and decided to watch it. What got me interested enough to try out Grim Dawn was the itemization, in that each piece is not just a stat stick, but a choice of balance. I wont lie about it being reminiscent of D2, which gets me all rose colored glasses. The game so far is great, and I am trying to read the guides and builds to get my first character, the Arcanist, going in the right direction. I still havent decided what to use as Devotion(which is an awesome idea), but the Shaman is looking pretty cool.

Hi Hub welcome to the jungle. :slight_smile:

About D3… its okay, I waited for 11 years for it…But that’s in the past. I found Grim Dawn and that ARPG want is solved =) Not that D3 is a bad game. Just the focus on leaderboard content and slow updates are not my thing.

In time D3 will get better but not as good as grim dawn in my eyes. People are already saying this game is the top of ARPG’s on youtube and such so hats of Crate lol. Welcome to where its at buddy =]

Hello Hub,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

Hi, and welcome :).

Welcome. Grim Dawn is like a drug, I can’t stop completely.