Totem Spawn with Bandit Cronley from Arcovian content

Hello @Zantai .
Ask from it add from all Totem’s (spawn’s human cronley) .

Please add from location Bandit from Docs Arcovian and please add spawn human cronley in the all totem spawn randomly.

The Totem cant in the all content in the spawn(


Thank you understanding.

Cronley’s Hideout already has a monster totem that can spawn in there.


Just need from all Act 1-4 and Act 5-7 .

Because Im testing , thats is not Totem in the spawn bandit cronley.

And more all maps.
I speak from situation , i cant find monster spawn in the totem spawning (humans).

Example : Devil Crossing reputation to fraction farm in the Totem (spawning in the other random content). And be good play farm it and killing bosses with it.

The new Celestial totems aren’t meant to be everywhere in the game Leo. They only spawn in the new areas added in


Anoyne , just need alternative Totem Gang ( specially from bandit cronley ) in the Bandit Cronley with Devil crossing reputation.