Townbuilder: Aztec Empire

There is a Kickstarter for the city building sim Aztec Empire. They offer a playable demo and want to release next January.

So, medierra, hurry up! The competition is growing by the minute :smirk:

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Looks interesting. I’m surprised they are only asking for 20k - then again they look to be pretty far along with it if the video is anything to go by… so maybe they just want enough money to finish and do some extras.

This is a rather chill game. You can play the campaign for about 1.5 h until you get to the end of the demo (you cannot save, yet). The story ends with a mean cliffhanger.

Alpha testing will apparently start next month (s. the 20€ tier).

Oh, well - the artist left the project and the KS got cancelled. But they want to keep working on it.