TQ MOD Soulvizier

Guys, I’m cleaning my desktop and found old SV mod file which is kinda big. I check last SV updated is in 2014 at moddb. Is there any steam compatible SV at steam or any other comparable mod at steam workshop? I really like SV back in the days. Thanks!

You can try this:

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Oh thanks! Didnt know they had this. I do not own Ragnarok and Atlantis though. Hope there will be sales soon.

THQ Nordic are going to be celebrating their 10th aniversary soon Alexei - 17th September is when it all kicks off on Steam/youtube/twitch so keep an eye. Might be a sale on soon.


Thanks for the head up Medea! Will definitely looking for it!

While still on this topic, did you guys tried out the SV AERA mod? How are you guys feeling about it?

I love the addition of skill on each mastery, ranged no longer limited on Hunt anymore and Staff user also got firestrike like skill on Earth. But, I haven’t tried the whole thing and touch it in the past 1 year.

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Just grab my bundle! Very well worth it just about $4!

Enjoy alexei! :grava_yes: