TQ on switch

Uhh oh, the people that took over TQ fucked up…

Shame they appear to have zero quality control, otherwise this might have been better publicity.

Oh dear. :smiley: Shouldn’t laugh really as I’d love more people to play the game no matter what device it’s on, but this reminds of when Nordic were showing off a demo for the mobile version of the game. Again it was Spirit with one other mastery (can’t remember which one now), but it certainly wasn’t Nature - yet the character was also using some Nature skills as well as skills from the other two masteries. :eek: Total fuck up.

That is just plain bad!! LOL. I guess money when to the publishers head, you can clearly tell they not done any Q&A on that, and kept the money on a tight lease.

Nice way to screw up a good game.

should be worth 4 dollars max with Ragnarok dlc included:rolleyes:

Well, you might be surprised at what the game is being offered at (disc version this is). I’ve seen in the region of $30-$40 and don’t forget the disc version has quite a few bugs of various kinds in it too. Generally price is lower than that, but some sellers are optimistic.

That collectors edition set looked really nice, just no way I’m spending that much money on a 10 year old game…:rolleyes:

boo! should come free. Now Grim Dawn Switch when?

Oh so this guys were involved in Ragnarok for PC, that’s why it was so shiet. Pieces Interactive, more like Piece Of Shit. Actually, I’m glad they failed. Good riddance.

Didn’t have enough extras for me to justify getting another PC copy. Console doesn’t interest me.

This is interesting though.

Never, Zantai’s already made that clear. But then your ears are so full of your holy Paladin mastery constant babbling that you don’t hear anything else. :smiley:

good news then medea. That would be a waste of Iron bits if Zantai decided to port it over. :wink:

now wait please dont remind me the mastery please Im so done with it but hey its almost Misadventure Monday again so maybe this time will get the mastery:cool:


I’m willing to bet if someone kickstarted Titan Quest 2 right now, it would be overfunded in record time. It’s one of hidden gems that demands a proper sequel.

Quite likely, but then again Nordic own the rights to it so they would be the ones making it - or allowing someone else to do so. Is that something you’d want to support?

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t hope for a good sequel from devs that never worked on the original. It would be like most sequels - simultaneously grand and bland - failing to capture the spark needed to turn it into something special. But I want to be wrong.

I don’t know if anyone here remembers that dude that came on the TQ.net forums asking lots of questions and claiming that he worked for the company that was going to continue to work on TQ…but it was obvious from everything this guy wrote that we should not have held out any hope for the future of TQ.

Anyway, TQ bombing on Switch should not hurt GD, but if Sterling had been able to give a glowing review, well, “spiritual successor” and all that, it would have been a positive thing for Crate.

Regardless, I love the beginning of the video.

Well, shame, than i have to buy Titan Quest on Switch even if the Port might lack in terms of quality, because Switch is an Amazing Console and i want my HnS on the go…

/Edit: (Well, Last Epoch have also good chance for an Switch Port…)

From the last stream:

“AllerionGr plans for a switch port?
Not very likely primarily due to performance concerns. Switch just doesn’t have as much juice as the other consoles and the infrastructure portal of Switch itself is very different. Xbox is actually the easiest to port to of the 3.”