Trade centre indicates trader present when no trader is present

Trade centre indicates trader present when no trader is present

Dang, it broke again.

Still getting it v0.8.1a

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If someone has a repro for this occurring, please let us know what the conditions are.

What is a repro? What conditions are you reffering to?

To reliably make it happen again. What triggers it ingame. Is it just after you upgrade the trading post to the trading centre for example. If it happens every time you do that then that’s the condition that causes it and you can repro that.

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Unfortunately I cannot help with the context. There was nothing that I can point to that happend or that I can recall happened. It just happened to notice that it happened.

Can’t seem to repro it but anecdotally, it seems to happen if I don’t click the notice that the trader has arrived… and the focus is elsewhere when the trader leaves. Ending up with what is effectively “Well, there was a trader here but you chose to ignore them so have this taunting icon instead!” (which disappears as you mouse over it, only to taunt you again once you mouse away…)

I have had the trader has arrived icon up ever since I upgraded the trade center. I have restarted several times because of other problems coming from lag but that one is still there.
I have other issues where some of my villagers will go seeking shelter from the extreme cold and never stop even after it warms up. I have caught this because rats got out of control and I ran out of fire wood.

Update on this issue. (Trading center only) I restarted my game several times but the trader has arrived icon didn’t go away until I restarted my computer. twice while playing that map it came back before a merchant arrived but didn’t stay after they left. this seems to be a game memory usage issue. like when I had a bunch of villagers go seeking shelter but never stopped. or when I told my blacksmiths to stop producing so many heavy tools but then later never restarted after changing values back, so i had to buy more from the merchant. they had to be fired in one case. my computer is not old BTW, 32gb ram 10gen I5 1 TB hd but I do get a lot of lag from this game. and by the way MAKE THE BS STORAGE BIGGER AND STOP COUNTING THE HEAVY TOOLS THAT ARE IN USE.

(hope I am not burned out on the game before the final release.)

It occurred to me as well but I cannot follow on indicators that trigger this issue…

Happened again. Unfortunately I have no good leads on why.

I got it just now and TP isn’t even upgraded yet this time - v0.8.2p1.

Wasn’t in the TP doing anything though had done some trading earlier. Then went and put down a couple more granaries and started a Vault to put gold into.

This issue occured to me as well. Here was the scenario:
This started immediately after my village was raided. Year 25 or so. I had a trader at my trading post at the start of the raid (while i was trading with him, i was actively using the trade center and it went red). During the raid, the worker was killed in the raid and afterword’s their post was vacant (yellow symbol with question mark). After the trader left, the symbol for the trader present never went away. Hopefully this helps re-create the issue.

Game Version 0.8.2A - FYI

This bug went away after I left the game and came back twice. But then the issue occurred again, now with the upgraded trade building. This icon stayed and never went away immediately after the last raid on my settlement. This seems to be related to raids. I do not remember if I was working in the trade building at the time or not.

I get the same error with version 0.8.2a.Tier 3, I was using the TP when I had an enemy raid, I had to leave it to defend the village, the merchant left at the end of his time during the battle (is he immune to attacks?) the icon remains there since then.

Had a peculiar variation of this problem:
In 8.2 latest version. Finished building the Trading Post just as fall hit, got a Trader in right away at the end of the year. He stayed through the winter - and the next year, and the year after that. Not only did he not leave, but there was no interaction with him, either. I tried to buy something from him, nothing happened. I tried to sell something to him:ditto. After several other traders had come and gone normally, he finally packed up and left in year 3. No problems with any Traders since in that game. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this, although I did get the ‘phantom trader’ icon on the Trading Post back in 8.1, but not since.

Playing in v0.8.2b.
I am also having the same issue where trading post kept showing “departing 0 days” and it remains there. I have just built it right after I upgraded my town hall to tier 2.
It remains there and won’t go away, restarting did not work for me.

Fixed in the upcoming patch

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