Trader's upper body is invisible

I could look through the trader’s upper body who was standing on the cart. Head and legs where visible.

My people riding the cart are sitting and they are fully visible.

actual build ID - 10435095 but it made an update this morning and the bug occured yesterday

It’s been like this for a while. Different traders have varying portions of their bodies missing (some have none).

Just noticed the Disappearing Trader yesterday: none of the Trader wagons had anybody visibly on board until I saved and reloaded the game.

And as far as I know, had my first instance of the ‘dis-embodied Wainwright’ a couple of days ago, a torso-less cart driver, but when I checked, it was 1 Wainwright out of 7 on the map, and I couldn’t see any difference in the actions of his cart versus all the others, and after saving and reloading the game the torso re-appeared.

Transient graphic glitch in both cases, as far as I can tell.

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