Trading Center - Trader 1 each year is greyed out cant trade, and notify remains stuck on screen

The first trader each year (Trader 1) appears but is greyed out in interface and nothing can be bought or sold from this one. When others appear they are correct, and can be transacted with but Trader 1 remains greyed out in the trading interface. When Trader 1 leaves (without being able to trade at all) the notification and a new trader has arrived notice remains on screen all year and cannot be removed. I am therefore now missing one entire trader cycle each year and is is the one main trader that I could otherwise sell most of my produce and goods to… it is ruining my economy

Same problem here, in exact same context. I wasn’t sure if it is a bug, or maybe the trading post needs to be upgraded beyond Lvl 1? I haven’t gotten there yet.

Have the same issue. It happened right after I upgraded my trade center. First year with level 2 trade center was ok (I actually accidentally upgraded it when there was a trader inside, but managed to finish the build while he was still there, got a new message of him arriving and it worked normally). The next year, 2 traders arrived, but in my situation, couldn’t interact with both of them. Looked for a bug report right away, so I haven’t waited for a third trader or waited for another year.

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