Trading Post Bug/Error


I have been enjoying the game, just real quick, I thought it was me for about a week, but then I saw a bug at the trading post??

I have lost alot of gold because of it, but I tested things out and confirmed there is a bug with trading and buying gold.

For example, lets say I sold and received 1700 gold, however if I buy 1 gold worth of stone, the total amount of my 1700 gold dissappears. So, as you can imagine without gold the last week my population has decresed tramendously and raids, and no mouse traps, etc.

Please fix!

What are the steps to reproduce this issue?

I’m having issues with the Trading Post gold since v8 update too.

Here are some of the trades – each example starts with the pre-trade gold balance of both World and the Trade Centre, followed by the actual trade, then the new totals after the trade was completed:

  1. Year 234

World 23,789 (-231) – TC 6,128 – trading: I sold 75 honey for 300 coin – should now be TC 6,328 – but instead shows:

World 23,919 (-231) – TC 6,298 – so 170 went into TC, 130 went into World

  1. Year 235

World 20,711 (-222) – TC 6,298 – trading: I sold 500 cheese for 3,000 coin – should now be TC 9,298 – but instead shows:

World 21,011 (-222) – TC 8,998 – so 2,700 went into TC, 300 went into World

  1. Year 235 cont

World 21,011 (-222) – TC 8,998 – trading: I sold 75 candles for 825 coin – should now be TC 9,823 – but instead shows:

World 24,011 (-222) – TC 6,823 – so 2,175 was removed from the TC and 3,000 (2,175 + 825 candle trade) went into World

Another Trade Centre bug is when selling items to stock or transfer – sometimes the goods are stocked in the TC but other times they go straight into global storage. At first I thought I’d hit ‘buy and transfer’ instead of ‘buy and stock’ but it’s happened numerous times. I don’t have an example of this but it obviously isn’t supposed to be doing that.

Simply go exchange something, in my opinion. an item for 1700 gold and then buy an item for 1 gold? As you can imagine, Having 300 players and no gold causes the game to become unbalanced and eventually boring becuase it is inevitable you will lose.

@Catkins Is this a pre-0.8 settlement that is now in 0.8? I’m wondering if you’ve somehow managed to get the old “keep x gold in the TC” left hanging over in the save file, which of course you’ll never see again as it’s been taken out.

@Synergypro Is it something you can actually reproduce, with screenshots? Same question as per Catkins too: did you have anything set on the TC before the upgrade to 0.8.0?

Yes, it’s a pre v8 settlement file that auto-upgraded from Steam.
I wouldn’t know how to tell if the upgraded game has old files relating to this particular issue.

I didn’t use mods and the only thing in the TC that gets reset manually is the number of goods I want the TC to stock.

Thank you so much for responding tigon, I do love the game and hope it will continue to get even better. Cheers.


I finally got to this issue, I will send you a link to watch a screen preview of the issue~ I hope this helps?

Error Video

I’ve watched your video and reproduced your steps and still cannot get this issue to occur.

There must either be other factors involved (are you running any mods?) or you need to try verifying your game files.

Hmm, I can unistall game and reinstall, maybe that will fix the bug?

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